Martes, 9 de marzo de 2021

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Caudillos provinciales con la coparticipación de impuestos – Roberto Cachanosky
Paraguay confirma juicio político contra el presidente Abdo Benítez – América Economía
¿Por qué fracasó la guerra comercial de Trump con China? – Simon Lester
Lockdowns Were The Biggest Public Health Mistake Ever Made – Newsweek
ECB increases bond buying after warnings about higher yields – Bloomberg
Germany in the next decade: Ambition and potential – Deutsche Bank
Making a Case for ‘Operation Warp Speed’ As Odious Cronyism – John Tamny
Biden’s Giant Stimulus to Easily Pass House, Democrats Say – Yahoo Finance
Stocks Surge in Risk Reversal With Yields Easing – Bloomberg
House prepares to pass $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill – CNBC
Yellen Says Stimulus Unlikely to Cause Inflation Problem – Yahoo Finance
Inflation is here… Let the trends be your guide – Akrainer
Deficit apathy is wrong and dangerous – Alex Salter
Collapse of Trust In Public Health – Jeffrey Tucker
How High Can Rates Go? No Obvious Answer – Joseph Calhoun
Value Is Subjective: Neither Gold Nor Crypto Have “Real Value” – Connor Mortell
JPM Warns Further Dollar Strength Will Hammer Commodities – Zero Hedge
Here’s How Oil Could Get To $100/Barrel – Zero Hedge

Wealth Management

The Ultimate Inflation Trade – Jared Dillian
The Fed Isn’t Printing As Much Money As You Think – Morgan Housel
Value Investing Gains $100 Billion and Wipes Out Pandemic Losses – Bloomberg
FAANG stocks are expected to rise as much as 35% over the next year – Market Watch
‘Hyperbolic’ yields will correct; how Bitcoin, gold, and stocks will react – Frank Holmes
Is gold about to rebound? Bitcoin ‘mania’ and silver squeeze impact – Pierre Lassonde