Miércoles, 21 de abril de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Ven lenta la colocación de bonos soberanos – El Deber
Bolivia: Destinan Bs 990 MM a Ecebol pese a déficit y sobreoferta de cemento – Los Tiempos
Chile: Piñera acude a Tribunal Constitucional por tercer retiro de pensiones – AE
Los orígenes racistas del salario mínimo – José Carlos Rodríguez
Fitch pide a Colombia garantizar ingresos permanentes – Valora Analitik
Colombia: el plan B sería un drástico ajuste de gasto e inversión – América Economía
In Peru, Another Near Miss for Latin American Liberty – Daniel Raisbeck
Why Natural Gas Won’t Be Replaced Anytime Soon – Irina Slav
Por qué los bancos centrales quieren monedas digitales – Daniel Lacalle
Alemania da vía libre a los fondos europeos – El Economista
A Jobless Recovery Is Coming to Europe – Daniel Lacalle
ECB Expected to Keep Policy Unchanged – Barron’s
Super League plan collapses as more clubs pull out – Financial Times
The Intensely Vicious Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing – Jeffrey Tucker
The COVID-19 Disaster That Did Not Happen in Texas – Jacob Sullum
Biden’s Big Spending Plans Will Not Revive the Economy – Frank Shostak
Peak Liquidity: The Fed Is Arrogantly Playing With Fire – Sven Henrich
Fed will limit any overshoot of inflation target, Powell says – Reuters
David Roche: U.S. inflation could hit 3% or 4% by the middle of 2022 – CNBC
It’s time to start thinking about inflation – Simon Black
Novogratz: Dogecoin boom is a phenomenon driven by Powell – Yahoo Finance
JPMorgan Warns of Bitcoin Weakness as Futures Get Liquidated – Bloomberg
Investors look for answers from Credit Suisse earnings after Archegos – CNBC
Putin threatens ‘asymmetric’ and ‘tough’ response to US sanctions – FT
Putin warns against crossing Russia’s ‘red lines’ – CNBC
Taiwan: The New Geopolitical and Economic Flash Point – Ethan Yang 

Wealth Management

Was That a Bottom For Gold & Silver? – Mike Maloney
Why the Reflation Trade Remains a Good Bet – Lisa Beilfuss
5 Tech Giants Set To Report Explosive Earnings Growth – Jesse Cohen
Growth Stocks’ Rebound Doesn’t Mean Value’s Comeback Is Over – Reshma Kapadia
Every Physical Silver Ounce Has Been Sold Up To 1000X – Egon von Greyerz
Pictet AM relanza la plataforma Megatrends Lab – Funds Society
Crecimiento del 21% en el S&P500 para este trimestre – Andbank
Buffett: Cómo invertir en bolsa para principiantes en 2021 – A. Estebaranz
La historia y las claves del éxito de True Value – Luis Ángel Hernández
Zonavalue compra Intefi, líder en cursos de Bolsa ‘online’ – Cinco Días
The FAANG Stocks Could Fall, if History Is Any Guide – Barron’s
Painting a Picture of the 2021 Market Landscape – Danielle DiMartino Booth 
Bestinver refuerza Facebook y entra en Correos de Portugal y Dominion – El Economista