Martes, 11 de mayo de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Venta de activos de Petrobras en el país no es buena señal – Los Tiempos
Bolivia requerirá más carburante importado en 2024 – Los Tiempos
Argentina: Es atrayendo capital cómo se podrá empezar a crecer – Roberto Cachanosky
Argentina tuvo en marzo más inflación que toda Sudamérica – Infobae
Colombia: así avanza la ‘brisa bolivariana’ en Iberoamérica – Mauricio Ríos García
Venezuela necesita $58.000M para producir petróleo a niveles de 1998 – AE
España: Sánchez abre la puerta a eliminar los tipos reducidos – La Gaceta
Así es el tsunami fiscal que prepara Biden en EEUU – Diego Sánchez de la Cruz
Pipeline shutdown could push prices at the pump to the highest since 2014 – CNBC
Crude Oil Slips; Concerns Over U.S. Pipeline Outage Ease – Investing
Next Global Disaster Is On the Way. We Aren’t Ready – Niall Ferguson
The Buchanan Thesis – Donald J. Boudreaux 
Yellen’s “Truth-Telling” Exposes Bankrupt Econ. Profession – John Tamny
We’ve Reached Point of Absurdity In Crypto – Joseph Calhoun
Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money – Peter Schiff
Should We Fear, Inflation Is Here – Laura Cooper
Reflation Panic Sparks Global Stock Rout – Zero Hedge
If Everyone Sees It, Is It Still A Bubble? – Lance Roberts
Stanley Druckenmiller: Current Fed policy is totally inappropriate – CNBC
Ethereum: What is it and how is it different from bitcoin? – CNBC
Google Pay now lets U.S. users send money to India and Singapore – CNBC
Miami as a Tech Hub? It’s Lacking One Critical Subculture – Tyler Cowen
Tech-Fueled Selloff Goes Global on Inflation Fears – Bloomberg
Alphabet, Facebook Drop as Citi Warns of Ad Growth Slowdown – Yahoo Finance
Stocks fall as tech rout deepens, Nasdaq extends losses – Yahoo Finance
Cathie Wood’s Main ETF Drops in Premarket After Holdings Slump – Bloomberg
Nasdaq sheds another 2% as Big Tech sell-off intensifies, Dow drops 300 points – CNBC

Wealth Management

¿Descanso en mayo? – Andbank
Four Berkshire Bombshells – Michael Johnston
El Nasdaq presenta riesgo de corrección – Hugo Ferrer
A vueltas con la valoración de las FAMAG – Antonio Aspas
What Can You Do About High Valuations? – Charlie Bilello
Gates Divorce Further Exposes Wealth’s Tax’s Absurdity – Andrew Wilford
Inside the Secretive Swiss Bank for the World’s Richest People – Bloomberg
Inheritance Tax Poised for a Comeback in the Post-Covid Era – Bloomberg