Viernes, 14 de mayo de 2021

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Alberto Fernández, con destino equivocado – Manuel Adorni
Argentina: 10 claves para entender negociación con el FMI – Infobae
El Salvador: Más deuda con base en crecimiento irreal – Eugenia Velásquez
El Salvador: $5,000 millones de remesas en riesgo – El Diario de Hoy
La plata sube más de un 70% en un año y expertos dicen que aún subirá – El Economista
Gaza conflict intensifies with rocket barrages and airstrikes – CNBC
UK prepares surge vaccinations to tackle Covid variant from India – CNBC
The World Health Org. Seeks Lockdowns Forever – Jeffrey Tucker
A Half-Baked Attempt To Pull Banking Back In – Jeffrey Snider
Stocks, Treasuries Gain as Inflation Concerns Ebb – Bloomberg
‘Shocking’ inflation double the Fed’s target, ‘harbinger of things to come’ – Steve Hanke
Monetary Control: Central Banks Today – Alex Salter
The Inflation Trilemma – Tyler Cowen
There’s reasons to be worried about inflation – Jeffrey Gundlach
El-Erian doesn’t think Fed will prematurely respond to high inflation – CNBC
Dogecoin Surges on Musk Tweet as Crypto Rollercoaster Continues – Bloomberg
La stablecoin de Facebook se desinfla antes de nacer – El Economista
Ackman ‘kicks himself for not understanding’ crypto like Bitcoin – Yahoo Finance
Global Markets Storm Higher As Inflation Fears Fade Away – Zero Hedge
Gold price will continue to be supported by COVID-19 threat – Kitco
Top Fintech Companies in New Hampshire (2021) – Daily Finance
Billionaires Are Selling Mega-Sized Stock Blocks After Surge – Bloomberg
Airbnb CEO: 24% of bookings are for longer than 28 days – Yahoo Finance

Wealth Management

Play Your Own Game – Morgan Housel
Mercados de renta fija: ¿cómo encontrar valor sin pagar demasiado? – Carmignac
Querido suegro, pasa de bitcoin, pero invierte al 8% en criptodólares – Javier Molina
Inside Pictet, the Secretive Swiss Bank for the World’s Richest People – Bloomberg
Markets Decided To Get High Again Rather Than Grapple With Reality – Rabobank