Jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia ha fallado en la lucha anti droga, dice Biden – El Deber
EEUU descertifica a Bolivia en lucha contra el narcotráfico – El Diario
El cruce de la muerte del bitcoin sigue vivo: es mejor no relajarse – El Economista
Daniel Yergin, on the New Dynamics in the Energy Market – Barron’s
Biden’s Economic Plan at Risk of Delays as Democrats Squabble – Bloomberg
Book Review: Adam Brandon’s A Republic, Not a Democracy – John Tamny
Powell Asks Fed to Examine Staff Trading Rules After Disclosures – Bloomberg
Trust Me, the Fed Doesn’t Want You to Know This – Phoenix Capital Research
Ray Dalio Says ‘Cash Is Trash’ and Makes the Case for Crypto – Bloomberg
Gold Is Getting Monkeyhammered As Dollar & Bond Yields Spike – Zero Hedge
Evergrande Suspends Trading In All Bonds – Zero Hedge
Macau’s Review of Casino Operations Sparks a Selloff, and an Opportunity – Barron’s
China’s Export Subsidies Are a Gift – Theodore A. Gebhard 

Wealth Management

How to Win Any Argument Over Investments – Charlie Bilello
Inflation Panic? Don’t Tell The Bond Market – Jamie Powell
The Illusion Of Getting Rich While Producing Nothing – Charles Hugh Smith