Martes, 28 de septiembre de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Índice Global de Actividad Económica registra a julio 9,2% – El Diario
Chile: Hacienda dice que el país crecerá más de lo esperado en 2021 – América Economía
Chile: Los acuerdos y la realidad fiscal – Bettina Horst
Colombia cree que su déficit fiscal para 2021 será menor al esperado – América Economía
El Salvador: Gobierno de Bukele podría ser un régimen de partido único – El Salvador
Argentina: A qué crisis del pasado se asemeja la que viene – Roberto Cachanosky
Can Argentina Finally Realize Its Oil Potential? – Matthew Smith
What a post-Merkel Germany could mean for Europe – CNBC
Georgieva data scandal heightens IMF identity crisis – Financial Times
Canada Votes for More of the Same – Andrew Moran
Only Freedom Can Fix a Coronavirus-Broken Australia – Jeffrey Tucker
Defense of Bidding As Path to Optimal Economic Outcomes – Walter Block
The Biden Fib About Companies Paying No Taxes – John Tamny
A Search for 2008 In Evergrande Is Fruitless – Joseph Calhoun
Enduring Relevance of Mises, Hayek’s Socialism Critique – Don Boudreaux
If The Fed Can’t Hit It’s Inflation Target, Why Not Just Move The Goalposts? – Michael Maharrey
Evergrande Bond Bills Are Piling Up as Latest Coupon Comes Due – Bloomberg
Beijing Prods SOEs To Buy Evergrande Assets Including World’s Largest Soccer Stadium – ZH
El Lehman chino, más peligroso de lo que nos dicen – Daniel Lacalle
The Energy Crisis Is Sending Oil, Gas, And Coal Prices Soaring – Tsvetana Paraskova
Oil prices rise above $80 a barrel for first time in three years – Financial Times
Jay Powell to say US price pressures are persisting longer than expected – Financial Times
Inflation Is Killing the Recovery – Daniel Lacalle
Dos halcones de la Fed dimiten tras una dudosa e intensa actividad en bolsa – El Economista
Bonds Erase Gains in India as Central Bank Signals Tightening – Bloomberg
Bond Yields Are Rising. These Stocks Could Be Good Bets – Barron’s
China Will Lead The World Into Bear Markets – Dohmen Capital Research
Jared Dillian: “The Next Crisis Will Come from China” – Real Vision
Goldman cuts China’s growth forecasts, citing power crunch as ‘yet another growth shock’ – CNBC
As China cracks down, foreign companies try to figure out where they fit in – Evelyn Cheng

Wealth Management

World’s Richest Family Reveals $5 Billion Worth of Stock Picks – Bloomberg
Stocks Have Never Been More Expensive Than They Are Now – Dan Ferris
Cameco Stock Rebounds Along With Uranium – Andy Hecht 
Natural Gas: Anxiety At High Pitch – Satendra Singh
Evergrande asesta un gran golpe, pero el mercado no se resigna – Charles Castillo
Toca rotar carteras: la tormenta que cae sobre los bonos marca el paso – El Economista
Bestinver extiende la rebaja de la inversión mínima a todos sus fondos – Cotizalia
Gold, Bitcoin price: Expect more pain before major gains – Chris Vermeulen
Biden’s Tax Plan Is a Middle-Class Death Tax Dressed as a Capital Gains Tax on the Rich – AIER