Martes, 7 de septiembre de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Se confirma ingreso de cepa Mu al país – Los Tiempos
Bolivia: Personas que buscan retirar fondos de AFP bloquean Viru Viru – El Deber
Argentina: Déficit fiscal crítico, atraso cambiario y tarifario – Roberto Cachanosky
Chile: Piñera anuncia proyecto de ley para mejorar sistema de pensiones – América Economía
Venezuela’s government and opposition agree efforts to ease vaccine access – Financial Times
A Sanction Worth Lifting in Cuba – Mary Anastasia O’Grady
Brasil se prepara para manifestaciones en apoyo a Bolsonaro – América Economía
Trump’s allies want to help Bolsonaro make Brazil great again – Financial Times
Mexico Is Refinancing Pemex Debt After Getting IMF Reserves – Bloomberg
Todos los ojos puestos en El Salvador: el primer país en adoptar Bitcoin – América Economía
El Salvador desafía los avisos y ya acepta Bitcoin como moneda de curso legal – Bolsamanía
Bitcoin Is Now Legal Tender in El Salvador—A World First. What to Know – Barron’s
El Salvador leads world in adopting bitcoin as official currency – Investing
El Salvador’s dangerous gamble on bitcoin – Financial Times
Bitcoin is the future despite billionaire haters: Cathie Wood – Yahoo Finance
Fauci Funded Construction Of ‘Chimeric Coronaviruses’ In Wuhan – Zero Hedge
Erdogan’s Plans For The Future Of Afghanistan: China, Russia, & Terrorists – Zero Hedge
Biden seeks to move focus to domestic issues after Afghanistan exit – Fox Business
El Salvador’s world-first adoption of bitcoin hits snags – Reuters
Biden Bets on Economic-Plan Win as Democrats Struggle to Deliver – Bloomberg
Goldman Cuts U.S. Growth Forecast as Consumer Sees ‘Harder Path’ – Bloomberg
Is California an Economic Paradise? Paul Krugman Thinks So – William L. Anderson
Oil Erases Early Gains On Stronger Dollar And Demand Concerns – Tsvetana Paraskova
Angela Merkel implores Germans to pick Armin Laschet as her successor – Financial Times
Euro May Hit Ceiling as ECB Decision Approaches – Investing
BlackRock’s China Blunder – George Soros
Soros says BlackRock’s China investments likely to lose money – WSJ
Evergrande’s troubles shake China’s property bond market – Financial Times
Evergrande Bonds Halted Amid Liquidation Panic As Contagion Spreads To Other Chinese Junk – ZH
Economics in Three I’s: Incentives, Institutions, and Intentions – Art Carden

Wealth Management

Gold’s Path To $5,000 – Victor Dergunov
Reddit Targets Bitcoin – Wall Street Breakfast
Fed Policy Mistake? Market Risk Rising – Lacalle + McCullough
Jared Dillian: How Much Higher Can Inflation Get? – Real Vision
Weekly Market Pulse: Windshield Investing – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Quadriga Anti-Bubbles update Agosto 2021 – Diego Parrilla
The S&P 500 Could Struggle This Fall, Market Strategists Say. Buy Quality – Barron’s
Zonavalue se fusiona con la americana Substrate AI y cotizará en Euronext Growth – Invertia