Lunes, 10 de enero de 2022

Economía Internacional

Los pronósticos para América Latina – Andrés Oppenheimer
Brasil: Estiman que crecimiento será menor al esperado en 2022 – América Economía
Colombia: 2022, un año “extremo” – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Ecuador recupera un 93% de su producción de petróleo – América Econonía
Coronavirus: Esta vez es diferente – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
¿Hace bien Javier Milei en renunciar a su sueldo de diputado? – Juan Ramón Rallo
España: El espejismo de la caída de la deuda pública – José María Rotellar
Djokovic wins appeal as Australian court quashes visa cancellation – Financial Times
The Federal Reserve Can Neither Shrink You, Nor Elevate You – John Tamny
2022: The Year of the Hangover? – Daniel Lacalle
Will Inflation Bring On Stock-Market Correction In 2022? – Steve Forbes
Investors Will Do Better If They Can Look Ahead to ’32 – Jeff Sommer
The End Is Near. This Is How Bull Markets End – Greg Diamond
Speculative Mania – Was 2021 The Peak? – Lance Roberts
Mark Mobius Sees ‘Much Much Higher’ U.S. Yields on Inflation Risks – Bloomberg
U.S. Inflation Rate Is Probably Going to Spike Again: Eco Week – Bloomberg
Executives Of ARKK-Owned Companies Are Unloading Billions In Stock – Zero Hedge
Inflation, rising rates and the Fed could whip stocks around in the week ahead – CNBC
Cryptocurrency prices fall overnight settling at $41,900 – Fox Business
The Federal Reserve Keeps Buying Mortgages – Alex J. Pollock
Resolving to Reduce Policy Failures – Gary M. Galles
Crushing The Inequality Narrative – Daniel J. Mitchell

Wealth Management

The Great Resignation – Wall Street Breakfast
Betting Big on Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin – Bill Miller
How to prepare for rising interest rates – Fox Business
La última advertencia de Bill Ackman – Álex Estebaranz
Weekly Market Pulse: On Second Thought… – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Palantir Is Getting Close To Fair Value – No Called Strikes Investing
2022: menos crecimiento, pero crecimiento – David Azcona
Lobo Tiggre’s bold 2022 predictions for gold, silver, Fed – Kitco News
Stock markets to crash 90% this year: best buying opportunity in lifetime – Harry Dent