Miércoles, 12 de enero de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: BM prevé crecimiento de 3,5% y 2,7% en 2022 y 2023 – El Deber
Chile: Impuesto al patrimonio, Boric busca evitar doble tributación – DF
Brazil: Bolsonaro crafts new social media strategy ahead of election – Financial Times
Mexico: Deuda de gobierno registra salida récord de capitales en 2021 – América Economía
Mexican Billionaire Interested in Buying Citi’s Local Retail Banks – Bloomberg
España: La subida de impuestos de 2022, lastre para la recuperación – El Economista
Inflation in Oil Prices Will Soon Slow to Zero – Alan Reynolds
El IPC de EEUU se dispara al 7%, máximos desde 1982 – Bolsamanía
U.S. Inflation Hits 39-Year High of 7%, Sets Stage for Fed Hike – Bloomberg
Stocks rise despite inflation surge, oil hits $81 level – Fox Business
Inflation Is Still High. The Federal Reserve Has Lots to Do – Barron’s
Inflation leaped again to the fastest pace since 1982 – Business Insider
US inflation soars to 7% for the first time since 1982 – Financial Times
Can We Whip Inflation Now? Good Luck With That – Barron’s
Central Banks’ Inflation Bets Come Due in 2022 – Bloomberg
Crypto Can’t Beat Gold as an Inflation Hedge, Says Barrick Boss – Bloomberg
Powell says rate hikes, tighter policy will be needed to control inflation – CNBC
Cathie Wood Is Expecting a ‘Bloodbath’ in This Segment of the Market – Barron’s
Jeffrey Gundlach Sees ‘Recessionary Pressure’ Building With Inflation – Bloomberg
The yield curve is no longer sending a ‘don’t worry be happy’ signal – Gundlach
Stimulus & Wages, What Exactly Happened? – Siddharth Gundapaneni 
World Bank slashes global growth forecast – CNBC
Goldman cuts China GDP target for 2022 – CNBC
China Tightens Lockdown Measures As Omicron Spreads – Zero Hedge
Why Deficits Matter – Alexander William Salter 

Wealth Management

Are We On The Path To Hyperinflation? – James Turk
The Real Reason That ARKK Continues To Sink – Bill Gunderson
Investing: The Difference Between Growth and Value – Real Vision
Corrección en las bolsas no, corrección en la tecnología – Víctor Alvargonzález
Coming Market Madness Could Take 70 Years To Recover – Egon von Greyerz
The REAL Reason Gold Hasn’t Gone Up and Why It Ultimately Will – Peter Schiff
Horos AM cierra el mejor año de su historia con rentabilidades del 37,6% – Invertia
Los fondos de renta variable de gestoras internacionales más rentables de 2021 – Funds People