Jueves, 17 de febrero de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: S&P observa reducida capacidad exportadora de gas – Los Tiempos
Bolivia: Amplían plazo para oferta de bonos por $2.000 millones – Página Siete
Bolivia: S&P ratifica calificación y perspectiva negativa; PIB del 3,6% – Los Tiempos
Brasil: Se achica la diferencia entre candidatos Lula y Bolsonaro – América Economía
Brasil implementaría exención impositiva a inversores extranjeros – América Economía
México: Riesgo país subió 14,55%, hasta los 244 puntos – América Economía
México: Empresas petroleras incumplen con inversiones de 2021 – Bloomberg
Argentina: Vista sube reservas probadas un 42% en Vaca Muerta – América Economía
Monedas latinoamericanas se beneficiarán de tasas y commodities – Bloomberg
¿Cuándo se recuperará la cadena de suministro? – Morningstar
S&P: Emergentes están mejor preparados para alzas de tasas de la Fed – Reuters
Turkish lira nudges downward as central bank holds interest rates – CNBC
Los impuestos que se juega Madrid con la armonización de Sánchez – Beatriz Sánchez
Ukraine: Biden Sees ‘Very High’ Probability of Invasion – Bloomberg
Shelling in breakaway regions stokes Russia-Ukraine tensions – Financial Times
Bank Run? Canada’s Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline – Zero Hedge
Canada: the Regime Considers a Peaceful Protest a “National Emergency” – Lee Friday
In the Age of Covid, We’re Reminded an Unjust Law Is No Law at All – Ryan McMaken
Diminishing Economic Freedom in the United States – Dan Mitchell
President’s polls have plunged faster, deeper than ever – Larry Kudlow
Peter Thiel Is Taking His Talents to Mar-a-Lago – Bloomberg
Has the Federal Reserve Lost Control of Inflation Fight? – Steve Forbes
Can Jay Powell build consensus at a divided Federal Reserve? – Financial Times
Musk accuses SEC of calculated effort to ‘chill’ his right to free speech – CNBC
Biden admin makes desperate move as oil prices surge – Fox Business
The Fundamental Problems w/Aramco’s $50B Offering – Simon Watkins
Crude Oil Lower; Iranian Talks Could Lead To Extra Supply – Investing
Oil’s Spectacular Covid Crash Set the World Up for $100 Crude – Bloomberg
What Could Drive the Fed to a ‘Plan B’ for Balance Sheet Reduction – Reuters
The Great Rotation Into Stock Funds Risks a 2018-Style Collapse – Bloomberg
Warren Buffett’s Perfectly Timed, Out-of-Left-Field Investment – Paul La Monica
The “New Economists” and the Great Depression of the 1970s – Mark Thornton
Money and Savings Are Not the Same Thing – Frank Shostak
Inflation – Cassandra Speaks – Bill Blain
Investors Digest Earnings, Fed Speeches – Nasdaq

Wealth Management

Many Ways to Skin a Cat – Gared Dillian
Crude War GamesDanielle DiMartino Booth
¿Por qué caen los bonos ligados a la inflación? – Tom Lauricella
Algunos fondos para sacar provecho de la ‘gran rotación’ en 2022 – Mauricio Ríos García
Record Inflation, What Comes Next, and What You Need to Do Right Now – Doug Casey
The Bond Market Is Sending a Worrying Message About the Economy – Bloomberg