Miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2022

Economía Internacional

Argentina Inflation Accelerates for Second Straight Month – Bloomberg
Argentina’s 50% Inflation Has Crypto Credit Cards Booming – Bloomberg
Argentina’s president struggles to sell IMF deal to a sceptical Congress – FT
Perú reabrirá sus fronteras terrestres tras casi dos años – Bloomberg
Colombia: Elección asusta a acreedores tras Chile, Perú: Gráfico – Bloomberg
Ecuador: 50 años del ‘Carnavalazo’ – Paola Ycaza Oneto
México: El incremento del crecimiento monetario – Manuel Sánchez González
Oil could vault as high as $150, veteran analyst warns – CNBC
Are They Finally Admitting Genius of Natural Immunity? – Jeffrey Tucker
Pandemic Lockdowns: the Rich Got Richer, the Poor Got Crushed – Stephen Moore
Moderna CEO says the pandemic may be in its final stages – CNBC
NATO says Russia is increasing troop numbers at Ukrainian border – CNBC
EEUU debate suspender el impuesto a la gasolina contra la inflación – El Economista
Alza en ventas minoristas de EEUU aplasta estimaciones: Gráfico – Bloomberg
U.S. Retail Sales Rise Most in 10 Months in Broad-Based Rebound – Bloomberg
FOMC Minutes Eyed for Clues on Half-Point Hike, Runoff Plans – Bloomberg
Will Lagarde & The ECB Survive This Inflection Point In Geopolitics? – Tom Luongo
Canada’s annual inflation rate jumps to fresh 30-year high – Investing
PBOC Chief Vows Supportive Policy as Growth Returns to Potential – Bloomberg
In Respectful Disagreement With Alexander Salter On Trade – Donald Boudreaux
On the Very Sad Passing of Our Great Friend, P.J. O’Roure – David Boaz
Why I Hate Politics – P.J. O’Rourke
Peggy Noonan Has Odd Definition of the Free Market – Chris Baecker
Biden Energy Policies Added $1,000 To Typical Household’s Costs In 2021 – TET
Cathie Wood’s ARKK Is a Year From Its Peak and Still Struggling – Bloomberg
Jeffrey Gundlach – CNBC Fast Money Halftime Report 02-11-22 – CNBC
Barrick Gold supera estimaciones y anuncia recompras de acciones – DF

Wealth Management

Dónde invierto si vendo los fondos de renta fija – Víctor Alvargonzález
Entendiendo los “drawdowns” de la renta fija soberana de EEUU – Hugo Ferrer
El ajuste tan brusco que se ha producido favorece el sesgo value – Pablo Martínez Bernal
Tracking Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio – Q4 2021 Update – John Vincent