Lunes, 14 de marzo de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Créditos del BCB al TGN suben 38,8% en un año y suman Bs 47.803 MM – P7
Colombia: Petro, primera fuerza política en Colombia en 2022-2026 – Bloomberg
Colombia: Petro arrasa y será candidato presidencial del Pacto Histórico – Los Tiempos
Colombia Selects Candidates Who’ll Face Petro for Presidency – Bloomberg
Colombia: Uribe cita a reunión urgente del Centro Democrático – Infobae
Gustavo Petro sweeps Colombia election primaries – Financial Times
Panamá quiere renegociar el acuerdo comercial con EE.UU. – América Economía
Ecuador: “Queremos los pasos de Chile de hace 40 años”, dice Lasso – América Economía
El Salvador lanzará este mes la primera emisión de bonos en bitcoin – América Economía
Argentina: Aumentaron los combustibles hasta un 11,5% en todo el país – Infobae
US retreats on Venezuela oil talks after Maduro meeting criticism – Financial Times
EE.UU. y China inician conversaciones sobre invasión de Rusia a Ucrania – Bloomberg
U.S., Chinese Officials Meet as Putin Pushes On – Bloomberg
As Russia nears a debt default, talk now turns to global contagion – CNBC
Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin To “Single Combat” For Ukraine – Zero Hedge
European Energy Independence Is Impossible With the Current Policies – Daniel Lacalle
Russian gas will continue to flow through Ukraine to Europe – Investing
Oil Falls to $100 With Ukraine-Russia Talks and China Lockdowns – Bloomberg
IMF Sees Deep Ukraine Recession, Working on Trust to Boost Funds – Bloomberg
Wall Street rises with focus on Russia-Ukraine talks, Fed – Investing
How to Think about Inflation – Alexander William Salter 
Who’s to Blame for Rising Gas Prices? – Dinesh D’Souza
How Seventy Years of Progress Came to an End – Jeffrey A. Tucker
La hora de la Fed de EEUU: subirá tipos por primera vez en 39 meses – El Economista
Price Inflation Hit a New 40-Year High in February. It’s Not “Putin’s Fault” – Ryan McMaken
The Fed’s Rate Hikes: Mistake That Won’t Fight Inflation – Steve Forbes
Federal Reserve Faces a Policy Dilemma of Its Own Design – Mohamed A. El Erian
Fed’s QE Is Over (Until It Comes Back…) – Lance Roberts
The Democrats Are In Denial About Inflation – Catherine Rampell
Thinking Straight about Bitcoin’s Social Costs and Benefits – Lawrence H. White 
Lefty Global Warming Alarmists, Meet Right’s Birthrate Fearful – John Tamny

Wealth Management

You Can’t Buy Past Returns – Charlie Bilello
All That “Bad News” Out There Is Already Priced – Market Minder
Modern Portfolio Theory: Economics without Praxeology – Frank Shostak
Cinco puntos de valor durante la tormenta del mercado growth – Eric Lynch
When You Think About Investing, Do Not Think About the News – Jeff Sommer
Bolsa y guerra. El peor escenario es posible aunque no lo crean – Enrique Roca
This is Putin’s endgame; Economy faces ‘unstable’ inflation, ‘greatest threat to world peace’ – Mark Skousen