Miércoles, 27 de abril de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brasil: IPC sube menos de lo previsto antes de alza de tasas – Bloomberg
Colombia: Se reduce la pobreza y la indigencia durante 2021 – América Economía
Chile: Emprendedores cuestionan subida de salario mínimo – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Empresarios rechazan proyecto laboral – Página Siete
How Political Panic Spread: Covid In the Early Days – Scott Atlas
Why Americans Don’t Trust ‘Experts’: Interview With Michael Lewis – Sean Illing
Federal Reserve May Lack the Tools to Tame Food Prices – William Hoagland
Bridgewater’s Top Strategist Says Fed Has to Ramp Up Rate Hikes – Bloomberg
El oro toca su nivel más bajo en dos meses por repunte del dólar – Reuters
A major recession is coming, Deutsche Bank warns – CNN
Stock futures recover after tech-led rout – Yahoo Finance
Futures Pare Gains as Dip Buyers Emerge After Fall – Bloomberg
Twitter Is A Mess! Is Musk Only One Who Can Save It? – Steve Forbes
Downturn Indicators Are Flashing Red…But Don’t Panic – Stephen McBride
Is the US housing market headed for a price correction? – The Hill
Meta Platforms’ Earnings Are Today. Watch the Ad Picture – Barron’s
Microsoft boosts revenue forecast, Alphabet growth slows – Fox Business
Google Stock Falls On Earnings Miss; TikTok Emerges As YouTube Nemesis – IDB
Apple’s Huge Buyback Will Need to Come With Blowout Earnings – Bloomberg
Florida unlikely to dissolve Disney status: Expert – Yahoo Finance
Boeing Tumbles After “Another Dreadful Quarter” – Zero Hedge
Boeing Reports Big Loss, Weak Sales Amid Jet Delays
Big Oil Could Post Its Best Earnings in Years – Barron’s
Russia kills gas supplies to two countries for not paying in rubles – Fox Business
European gas prices soar after Gazprom halts supplies to Poland and Bulgaria – FT
How Russia’s war in Ukraine upended the breadbasket of Europe – Financial Times
Germany Says It’s Taking Russian Threat of Gas Halt Seriously – Bloomberg
Four European Gas Buyers Made Ruble Payments to Russia – Bloomberg
Why Europe Is Having Such a Tough Time Giving Up Russian Energy – Barron’s
Euro’s Five-Year Low Puts Parity in Spotlight as Russia Ups Ante – Bloomberg
España: BdE prevé notable impacto indirecto por conflicto en Ucrania – Reuters
Bill Hwang Arrested: Archegos Owner – Zero Hedge
Archegos Founder Bill Hwang Hit With Criminal Charges – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Why Is the Stock Market Going Down? – Brad McMillan
La gran ventaja de las acciones wide moat – John Rekenthaler
Inflación, bancos centrales y los riesgos actuales – Gabelli Funds
The Fed’s Rate Hikes Had Already Been Priced – Richard Moody
Crowded ESG Ratings Sow Investor Confusion – Andrew McLaughlin
Exclusive interview with Kyle Bass – Hedgeye Investing Summit Spring 2022
El Nasdaq se está comportando como lo hizo en 2000 y en 2007 – Hugo Ferrer
Cuidado, que el precio del “cariñito” también se ha disparado – Víctor Alvargonzález
¿Hasta dónde pueden subir los bancos centrales los tipos de interés? – Funds Society
Fed Watcher that Predicted Super Inflation and War Says Famine Is Next – Bert Dohmen
¿Renacimiento del estilo value, o un fenómeno meramente transitorio? – Richard Halle
Efectos de la pandemia en el ahorro: Carta trimestral marzo 2022 – Japan Deep Value Fund
Gold’s correction won’t last, inflation is ‘going to the moon’, food shortage coming – Todd Horwitz