Jueves, 19 de mayo de 2022

Economía Internacional

How the Colombia election could change Latin America – Financial Times
Ecopetrol mide temperatura de mercado para colocar acciones – Bloomberg
Ecuador empuja el comercio con Chile, México, Perú e Israel – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Mejora fiscal tan petróleo-dependiente podría no durar – Bloomberg
Uruguay emitirá bonos vinculados a sustentabilidad – Bloomberg
Chile: Congreso aprueba reajuste del salario mínimo – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Anapo: Amenazas desincentivan la producción – Página Siete
Bolivia importa diésel y gasolina un 39% y 15,8% más caro que en 2021 – P7
Bolivia: Ante caída de reservas líquidas, BCB busca monetizar oro – Los Tiempos
El Salvador enfrenta crisis agravada por caída de criptos – América Economía
Brasil: privatización de la gigante Eletrobras supera su último escollo – EFE
Unicornios de LatAm no fueron ajenos al desplome de Wall Street – Bloomberg
España: Lecciones sobre guerras y márgenes – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
US stock futures slip after worst day for Wall Street equities since 2020 – FT
Stock futures point to deeper losses after worst day since 2020 – Yahoo Finance
Canada: How Ottawa blocks the dairy supply chain – Terence Corcoran
European Stocks Drop as Selloff in US Shares Fuels Risk-Off Mood – Bloomberg
Euro y franco suizo suben: atención puesta en camino de ajuste del BCE – Reuters
BOE Gold Trades at Rare Discount in Sign of Central Bank Selling – Bloomberg
The euro is nearing parity with the dollar: What it means for investors – CNBC
UK Is About to Become Stagflation Nation – Bloomberg
Stock Rout Deepens on Earnings Doubts; Bonds Rally – Bloomberg
Bonds Come Back in Vogue as a Hedge Against Cratering Stocks – Bloomberg
Oro revive, cae el dólar: desaceleración frena toma de riesgos – Reuters
Goldman to JPMorgan Strategists: Recession Fears as Overblown – Bloomberg
JPMorgan’s Kolanovic Says Stocks ‘Can Climb Out of This Hole’ – Bloomberg
Kostin de Goldman: valoración acciones sube posibilidad recesión – Bloomberg
Treasuries Whiplashed Like 2009 as Fed Hawks Unleash Uncertainty – Bloomberg
Housing Bubble Getting Ready to Pop – Wold Richter
Fed ‘overshot dramatically’ on inflation – Josh Friedman
Why Is Consumer Sentiment So Sour? – Charlie Bilello
Fed Hikes After June Are Highly Unlikely – Garrett Goggin
CEOs from two top retailers sound the alarm on inflation – Fox Business
Inflation May Have Peaked. Overreacting Brings Own Risks – Zachary Karabell
What to expect at the 2022 Davos World Economic Forum – Yahoo Finance
Fidelity Legend Peter Lynch Acquires 5.2% Stake in Penny Stock – Bloomberg
How They’ll Recover from Crypto Meltdown – Michael del Castillo & Steven Ehrlich
Cathie Wood Says ‘Exploding’ Inventories May Augur Weaker Prices – Bloomberg
Melvin Capital to Close Funds, Return Cash to Investors – Bloomberg
Billionaire founder of crypto exchange Binance: ‘poor again’ – Yahoo Finance
Tencent Leads China Tech Selloff as Earnings Worries Mount – Bloomberg
El Nikkei pierde un 1,89 % ante el temor a una ralentización global – EFE
China in Talks With Russia to Buy Oil for Strategic Reserves – Bloomberg
Russia’s Economy Slowed Down More Than Expected in First Quarter – Bloomberg
Musk pierde US$12.000M y tuitea sobre su voto republicano y criterios ASG – Bloomberg
This bubble looks very much like 2000, says GMO’s Jeremy Grantham – CNBC
It Just Might Be Time to Listen to the Austrians – Joseph Solis-Mullen

Wealth Management

How To Improve Your Value Returns – Larry Swedroe
Let The Macro Polar Stars Guide You – Alfonso Peccatiello
The Gas Crisis is Coming to America – Goehring & Rozencwajg 
Why Every Investor Should Think In Terms Of Odds – Joe Wiggins
Crypto’s Recent Swoon Shouldn’t Be Market Factor – Market Minder
Don’t Waste Time Trying to ‘Time’ Inflation and CPI – Market Minder
Para hacer crecer sus ahorros, la clave es la paciencia – Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro
‘Everything bubble’ will burst, gold to $900, Bitcoin to $3k before hitting $500k – Harry Dent
Marcelo Claure: Las valuaciones son temporales; se siguen creando grandes empresas – Bloomberg