Jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

La Fed no parece tener la inflación bajo control – Mauricio Ríos García
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Bolivia – IMF
Bolivia debe reducir subsidios y dar ayudas en efectivo: FMI – Reuters
Chile: Ocho puntos críticos de la reforma tributaria – Libertad y Desarrollo
Chile: Renuncia figura clave del gobierno de Gabriel Boric – Bloomberg
Brazil 2022 GDP growth now forecast at 2.7%, up from 2% – Reuters
Brasil: Economía mejora pronóstico de PIB para 2022 a 2,7% – Reuters
Brazil elections: What’s in store for LatAm’s largest economy? – FocusEconomics
México: La crisis que viene en Pensiones – Enrique Quintana
Moody’s: México conservará el grado de inversión hasta el fin del sexenio – AE
México reprueba Índice de competitividad; Retrocede economía y derecho – EF
Easpaña: ¿Recortes en las pensiones? – Juan Ramón Rallo
Wall St opens lower as rate worries linger – Reuters
Stock futures mixed as economic data rolls in – Yahoo Finance
Hot takeaways from Goldman’s big tech conference – Yahoo Finance
US retail sales unexpectedly rise – Bloomberg
Inflation Outlook: September 2022 – FocusEconomics
Inflationary Mess Consequence of Volcker-Less Fed – Andrew Stuttaford
Reversión curva rendimiento EEUU 2 y 30 años en máximo del siglo
– Bloomberg
Economics: Fundamental Understanding of How the World Works – Per Bylund
The Fed Is Wrong to Make Policies Based upon the Phillips Curve – Frank Shostak
The Fed should not vary interest rates from normal levels – Nassim Taleb
Core Retail Sales Disappoints In August, July Revised Down – Zero Hedge
Futures Fall, Yields Rise Ahead Of Econ Data Onslaught – Zero Hedge
Oil Declines as Traders Weigh China Demand, Inflation Outlook – Bloomberg
The rollercoaster ahead for the economy and investor – Mohamed El-Erian
Billionaire Patagonia Founder Gives Entire Company Away – Katabella Roberts
Wood’s contrarian deflation call gets endorsements from Musk, Gundlach – CNBC
Right-wing parties win Swedish election in historic political overhaul – CNBC
Iran-China ties could strengthen if sanctions lift, analyst says – CNCB
Russia And China Got Even Closer This Week – Quoth The Raven
China’s Banks Cut Deposit Rates in First Broad Move Since 2015 – Bloomberg
White House sounds alert on inbound Chinese investment – Financial Times
Fortress China: Xi Jinping’s plan for economic independence – Financial Times
Yuan chino cae a mínimo de dos años, cotiza en 7 unidades por dólar – Reuters

Wealth Management

Why Investor Behavior Never Changes – Darius Foroux
¿La reducción de la demanda es una solución? – Schroders
A Few Keys To Successful Long-Term Investing – Market Minder
Investors Didn’t Out-of-Nowhere Discover ‘Inflation’ – John Tamny
Los gestores de fondos se muestran bajistas, pero no “apocalípticos” – Funds Society
El banquero plus, el nuevo profesional que necesita la banca privada – Ignacio Viayna
EEUU hacia un “ajuste del exceso de demanda” y con la vista en noviembre – Andbank
How Rich Is King Charles III? Inside The New Monarch’s Outrageous Fortune – Fortune