Martes, 25 de octubre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brasil, el mejor alumno de los países emergentes – Mauricio Ríos García
Brasil: Precios de consumo suben más de lo previsto a medio octubre – Reuters
Brasil: Bolsonaro se estanca en sondeos tras pelea de aliado con policía – Bloomberg
Colombia’s tax chief defends reform plan targeting oil and coal – Financial Times
Colombia: La Junta de Ecopetrol y su responsabilidad – La República
Argentina: Stiglitz apoya la gestión de Fernández y critica a la Fed – América Economía
Argentina: Liberalismo en serio para salir de la decadencia – Roberto Cachanosky
México: Economía registra expansión más rápida en más de un año – Bloomberg
Dow Jumps 400 Points As Recession Certainty Grows Murkier – Forbes
Now is not a good time to report disappointing earnings – Yahoo Finance
Stock futures dip as huge earnings day kicks off – Yahoo Finance
Apple cuts iPhone 14 Plus production on weak demand – Reuters
Alphabet, Microsoft Lead Bear-Market Earnings Season
– Bloomberg
Roubini Says US Faces a ‘Confluence of Megathreats’ – Bloomberg
Biden is incapable of telling the truth – Larry Kudlow
In the Age of Inflation, Easy Money and Hard Choices – Kenneth Rogoff
We’re Entering Worst Economic Time; Fed Paves Path of Destruction – Hugh Hendry
Bullard y Evans, de la Fed, muestran dos caminos hacia la misma tasa
– Reuters
The Fed’s Current Monetary Stance Will Lead to Stagflation – Mihai Macovei
Fed Is Losing Billions, Wiping Out Profits That Funded Spending
– Bloomberg
La Fed pierde miles de millones de dólares por la caída de los bonos – Bloomberg
Fed to hike by 75 bps again on Nov. 2, should pause when inflation halves – Reuters
Global Junk-Bond Sales Drop Most Ever With No Signs of Recovery
– Bloomberg
EEUU: Por qué los emprendedores se mudan a Florida y Texas – Chris Edwards
OPEC Is Reducing Its Production, & There’s Not Much U.S. Can Do – Ellen Wald
Halliburton’s Earnings Top Estimates. Oil’s Surge Helped Them Double – Barron’s
England Has a Growth Problem Sunak Must Solve – Charles Gasparino
Rishi Sunak issues stark warning for UK as he becomes prime minister – FT
‘Our country is facing a profound economic crisis’: Sunak – CNBC
‘Unloved, undervalued’ UK stocks back in focus on Sunak stability hopes – CNBC
Scholz and Macron seek to calm rising Franco-German tensions – Financial Times
España: Presupuestos falsos y de propaganda – Daniel Lacalle
Italia: Meloni arremete contra el BCE en su primer discurso como PM – Reuters
Italia entraría en recesión en 2023 y enfrenta tiempos difíciles: Meloni
– Reuters
Swiss bank UBS posts 24% profit slide but beats analyst expectations – CNBC
Lockdowns Harmed Us Exponentially More Than C19 – Ian Miller
Why China won’t bail out its real estate sector – CNBC
Chinese Stocks Stagnant After Monday’s Plunge – Barron’s
China: Así maniupula Pekín los datos del PIB – Diego Sánchez de la Cruz
China Stock Selloff Deepens on Investor Angst Over Xi Policies
– Bloomberg
China’s Xi Jinping Bullishly Mugged by Market Reality – John Tamny
Investor fears about Xi’s new leadership team ‘may be misguided’ – CNBC
Foreigners Flee China Stocks at Record Pace as Panic Spreads
– Bloomberg
Markets Are Right to Fear Xi’s Dream Team – The Wall Street Journal
Why investors are fleeing Chinese assets as Xi tightens grip on power
– MarketWatch
As Economic Concerns Rise, Executives Are Reporting Record-High Stress – Forbes
Xi Jinping’s vulgar display of power was intended specifically for you and me – Jeff Snider

Wealth Management

Rick Rule Makes the Case for Uranium – Real Vision
El mercado encuentra por fin su equilibrio – Charles Castillo
Markets Are Reteaching Centralization’s Dangers – Seth Levine
Why Right Now Could Be the Best Time to Buy Stocks – Barron’s
How Much Has Indexing Actually Saved Investors? – Robin Powell
The Dollar Milkshake Theory is Stronger Than Ever – Brent Johnson
One Sign Bond Investors Are Prepping For Recession – Kate Marino
Raging Fire Sale! China’s “Warren Buffett” Races To Sell Assets – Yue Wang
Devolver la inflación al 2% significaría un daño enorme a la economía – Pablo Gil
Los astros se han alineado para invertir en bonos emergentes en divisa local – Alan Wilson
Inside The Fortune Of Britain’s New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak And His Wife, Akshata Murthy – Forbes