Miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brazil’s economy minister warns world of stagflation – Fox Business
Brazil: Buffett-backed digital bank Nubank to launch its own crypto – CNCB
Brazilian real outpaces Latin American peers; Bovespa higher – Bloomberg
AMLO y Joe Biden conversan sobre migración, seguridad – El Economista
Monedas de mercados emergentes resisten mejor la crisis – Bloomberg
Industrial Output Increases to a Record High in September – Robert Hughes 
Stock futures slip as investors assess Q3 earnings – Yahoo Finance
Tesla Q2 earnings preview: It’s all about demand – Yahoo Finance
Earnings Are Better Than Expected. Why Stocks Are Falling – Barron’s
P&G sales beat while inflation eats into profit – Bloomberg
A Case for Higher Rates to Bring Down Inflation – Allison Schrager
In Defense of Our Allegedly Indefensible ‘Slumlords’ – Walter Block
Bernanke and Others Rewarded for Flawed Theories – Frank Shostak
Inflated Hopes and Burst Bubbles – Alexander William Salter
The Fed Is Going To Have To Choose – Peter Schiff
Deutsche Bank: el mercado subestima lo que está por venir – El Economista
Biden orders officials to prepare for more emergency oil releases – FT
BofA Survey ‘Screams’ Capitulation With Rally Set for 2023
– Bloomberg
Fed Can’t Pause Hikes With Core Inflation Accelerating: Kashkari – Bloomberg
Inflation slows to 6.9% — but that’s still too fast for the BoC – Financial Post
Inflation Surprise of 6.9% Shifts Canada Rate Bets, Jolts Yields
– Bloomberg
JP Morgan espera “sí o sí” una recesión en Europa – Bolsamanía
Truss trata de reafirmar su autoridad mientras crece la rebelión – Reuters
BOE Focuses on Inflation Fight With Bond Sales in Two Weeks
– Bloomberg
The Bank of England Made Liz Truss a Scapegoat – Daniel Lacalle
Truss promises to keep ‘triple lock’ as inflation hits 10.1% – Financial Times
Rupert Murdoch faces sceptical investors in bid to reunite empire – FT
UK Inflation Returns to Double Digits as Food Prices Soar
– Bloomberg
Why Sweden’s $41 Billion of Property Debt Is Alarming Europe – Bloomberg
España: el festín de impuestos que planea Hacienda en 2023 – Beatríz García
Will the energy crisis crush European industry? – Financial Times
Germany’s Apocalypse Now – Jeremy Stern
Bielorrusia dice que no puede pagar su deuda debido a las sanciones
– Reuters
China’s LNG Imports Are Set For A Record-Breaking Plunge – OilPrice

Wealth Management

Gold as Natural Money – James Turk
Predicting Earnings Growth – Greg Obenshain
Gold Is Migrating From West To East – Michael Maharrey
How an Illiquid Dollar Ruins the World – Matthew Piepenburg
¿Qué significa un dólar fuerte para los inversores? – Morningstar
How to Think about Production and Entrepreneurship – Per Bylund
This Earnings Season Might Catch Investors Off Guard – Dave Gilbert
Free market capitalism is how ‘wealth ameliorates poverty’ – Larry Kudlow
Why 2022 Has Been Such a Terrible Year for Bond Funds – Katherine Lynch
Why Gold Has Stagnated, and What Investors Can Expect Next – Doug Casey
Nuevas pautas de inversión ante los movimientos de los mercados – Andbank
Ahora es el momento de apostar por los bonos de alto rendimiento – Tim Leary
Four Hard Investing Lessons From 2022 With Silver Linings – Justin J. Carbonneau
Oil and gas investors may see jump in returns as producers near debt targets – Financial Post
Lionel Messi creará holding para invertir en deporte, medios y tecnología desde EEUU – Bloomberg