Lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

El drama de la pobreza en América Latina en los últimos tres años – Bloomberg
Brasil: Reforma tributaria será una prioridad para gobierno de Lula – El Economista
Brasil: Crédito bancario crece 1% en octubre – Reuters
Brazil: Credit default ratio hits highest in almost 4 years – Reuters
Brazil’s federal public debt rises in October due to interest payments – Reuters
Brazil’s second corn growers delay fertilizer purchases, says analyst – Reuters
Chile: Crónica de un (de)crecimiento anunciado – Macarena García
Chile: Todos los ojos en el IPC, política es secundaria – Bloomberg
Colombia hará una reforma tributaria territorial en 2023 – Bloomberg
Stock futures, oil slide as COVID protests across China intensify – Yahoo Finance
Oil Plunges to Lowest Since 2021 as China Unrest Rattles Market – Bloomberg
China desata los nervios en el mercado: las bolsas y petróleo cotizan a la baja – EE
Gold at more than one-week high as dollar slips – Reuters
Stocks Retreat as China Unrest Saps Risk Appetite – Bloomberg
Jobs, housing data, GDP: What to know this week – Yahoo Finance
Goldman: We don’t like stocks here – Yahoo Finance
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply: Keep It Simple, Stupid! – Alex Salter
Global inflation likely to have peaked, key data indicators suggest – FT
Powell prepara escenario para desaceleración de alzas tasas Fed – Bloomberg
Will the Rising Dollar Trigger a Global Economic Downturn? – Steven Kamin
What If Congress Gave $1 Million to Every Single American? – John Tamny
FTX Tensions Intensify as Bahamas Blasts Company’s New Chief Ray – Bloomberg
Nervous auditors re-examine crypto clients after FTX collapse – Financial Times
Contagio cripto de FTX: prestamista BlockFi se declara en quiebra – Bloomberg
Mark Mobius Sees Bitcoin at $10,000 in ‘Dangerous’ Crypto Market – Bloomberg
¿Un bitcoin en 10.000 dólares? Mobius cree que está en “peligro” – El Economista
A quarter of crypto traders ‘earn less than $10,000 a year’ – MarketWatch
Hypocrisy Abounds at Warming Summit – Bjorn Lomborg
Canadian Banks Slammed For Continued Fossil Fuel Investments – Irina Slav
Tony Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition: What We Know So far – Brownstone Institute
Fauci Blames Trump For China’s COVID Cover Up – Steve Watson
Xi faces stiffest challenge to rule as Covid outrage sparks mass protests – FT
Protests against Covid controls erupt across China – CNBC
China protests could usher in ‘more authoritarian’ Xi era – CNBC
Apple stock slips as China unrest may hit iPhone shipments – Reuters
Apple cae: protestas en fábricas chinas afectaría envíos del iPhone – Reuters
China: Xi Jinping does not have great options against Covid protests – Kyle Bass
China Economy Braces for Further Slump as Covid, Protests Spread – Bloomberg
Evergrande busca luz verde a sus propuestas de reestructuración – Reuters
The week that could unravel the global oil market – Financial Times
Stagflation Will Rule 2023, Keeping Stocks in Peril
– Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs on 2023: ‘Less pain but also no gain’ – Yahoo Finance
Goldman Strategists Say Stocks Don’t Reflect Recession Risk
– Bloomberg
Lagarde Says ECB Must Hike Even as Economy Weakens Into 2023 – Bloomberg
S&P 500 companies will have zero earnings growth in 2023: GS – Yahoo Finance
Barclays downgrades Tyson Foods, Beyond Meat stocks – Yahoo Finance
Italy Has a $127 Billion Debt Problem It Can’t Easily Resolve
– Bloomberg
Credit Suisse Shares Are Having Their Worst Run in 11 Years
– Bloomberg
Cathie Wood Has Bet Big On These 10 Stocks – IBD

Wealth Management

Currency Illusion – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
La renta fija está de vuelta – Steve Ellis, Fidelity
Oro y drenaje de liquidez – Daniel Lacalle, Tressis
Taxing the Wealthy: A Tale of Two State Propositions – Connor O’Keeffe
Superficial People Like I Am Did Not Fall For Sam Bankman-Fried – Rob Smith
Using Silicon Valley’s “Open Secret” to Buy a World-Class Tech Stock – Thompson Clark
Many investors are betting on an inflation peak. They say they’re wrong – Market Watch
¿Dónde invertir en 2023? Repaso a los principales datos macro y claves – Pablo Gil