Martes, 1 de noviembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brazil’s Election Gave Markets What They Wanted – Barron’s
Lula keeps investors guessing on his economic vision for Brazil – Financial Times
Brazil’s ‘Lula Basket’ Jumps While Currency Leads Global Gains
– Bloomberg
Brasil: Jefe de Gabinete de Bolsonaro da primer paso para transición
– Bloomberg
Brasil: BCB avisa que riesgos de inflación exigen vigilancia y serenidad – Reuters
Brasil volverá a ser el “banco” de la izquierda latinoamericana – The Epoch Times
Argentina: El escenario es de recesión con inflación – Roberto Cachanosky
Bolivia es el tercer país más endeudado de la región, con el 86% del PIB – El Deber
Chile: Crece la desaprobación de Boric y aumenta el pesimismo – Bloomberg
Colombia: Dólar toca máximo de $5.000 por primera vez en la historia – Bloomberg
Colombia: ¿Dólar finalmente sí podría llegar a $7.000? – Bloomberg
Venezuela: Inflation Soars Over 300% in Blow to Maduro Rebound
– Bloomberg
México: Analistas ‘optimistas’: elevan previsión del PIB a 2.7% – El Financiero
Why stocks rally when everything else is getting worse – Yahoo Finance
Stock futures rise with Fed policy, earnings in focus – Yahoo Finance
US Futures Climb With Economy in Focus Before Fed
– Bloomberg
Powell’s favored curve poised for inversion as bonds rally – Bloomberg
The US Economy Isn’t Stronger, It’s Fatter – Daniel Lacalle
Manufacturing Surveys Signal Slowdown Continues – Zero Hedge
Why the Fed’s next big rate hike may be its last – Sylvan Lane
La Fed, lista para subir tipos al 4% y con el 5% de límite en 2023 – El Economista
What Powell can say to keep the stock-market rally alive — or kill it
– MarketWatch
Energy needs firms with mentality of Tesla and Amazon to move forward – CNBC
Govt’s Can’t Decree Apartments Cheap, and Can’t ‘Print Money’ – John Tamny
Economists warn of deeper US downturn as Fed keeps up inflation fight – FT
Fed Meeting to Focus on Rates’ Coming Path – The Wall Street Journal
Don’t Bet On Inflation Going Away Soon – Eric Boehm
Markets Rally Despite Inflation Report – Peter C. Earle
To Predict Recession, Just Read The Newspaper – Mark Rzepczynski
Banks prepare to hold $12.7bn Twitter debt on books until early 2023 – FT
The U.S. Diesel Shortage Is Worsening – OilPrice
Biden amenaza con impuestos a petroleras sobre “ganancias inesperadas” – Bolsamanía
Russian Oil Is Fueling American Cars Via This Sanctions Loophole – WSJ
Boeing Finally Faces Investors in Seattle After Years of Setbacks
– Bloomberg
El “inevitable” giro del Banco de Japón podría sacudir a los mercados – El-Erian
Britain’s new PM is a fan of crypto. Hopes he’ll give the industry a boost – CNBC
“Inevitable” que sobre todo los ricos, paguen más impuestos: Sunak – Bloomberg
BOE to Take Historic Step in Unwinding £838 Billion Stimulus
– Bloomberg
Lagarde: El BCE subirá tipos hasta el objetivo del 2% de inflación – El Economista
Germany struggles with its dependency on China – CNBC
Saudi Aramco reports $42bn quarterly profit Financial Times
The World’s Largest Oil Company Posts Record-High Free Cash Flow – OilPrice
BP Joins Big Oil Profit Bonanza With Further Share Buybacks
– Bloomberg
Hong Kong stocks close 5% higher with largest daily gains since May 2009 – CNCB
We Need Covid Accountability, Not Amnesty – Quoth The Raven
Chinese Stocks Surge in US on Speculation of Covid Zero Exit
– Bloomberg
China Markets Rally After Unconfirmed Social Posts on Reopening
– Bloomberg
Shanghai officials rush to trace Disneyland visitors after guest tests positive for Covid – FT
China’s Last Offshore Property Bond Havens Are Crumbling
– Bloomberg
Private Equity Chases Rich Chinese Trying to Escape Market Chaos
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Históricamente alcistas – Enrique Roca
Rational Optimist – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Lessons In Market Panics From Xi Lizping – George Steer
Weekly View – Trick or treat! – Thomas Costerg, Pictet WM
Visa Stock Has Been Unfairly Beaten Up. It’s Time to Buy – Barron’s
Gold Is the Solution for Financial Crises — Not the Cause – Peter Schiff
We Must Teach the Glorious Truth That Wealth Is Created – Donald Boudreaux
Argentina: Los jueces y el Impuesto a las Ganancias – Alberto Benegas Lynch (h)
Big China Stock Bets Continue to Hit Emerging Markets Funds – Lauren Solberg
Everything They Told You About Money Is Wrong – Seth Berenzweig & John Tamny
Los valores de megacapitalización se tambalean, pero el mercado sube – Charles Castillo