Lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Colombia: Mi semana en Twitter – Alberto Bernal-León
Colombia: Inflación sube más de lo previsto a máximo 24 años
– Bloomberg
Argentina: Es justicia tributaria, no habrá persecución: Sergio Massa – Infobae
Chile: Bonos retomarían gananciad si la inflación vuelve a caer – La Tercera
Chile: Mercado de capitales está estancado, nuevo retiro sería catastrófico – Tagle
Financial instability: the hunt for the next market fracture – Financial Times
Why Elon Musk Document Dump Could Be Game Changer – Jonathan Turley
Do Falling Prices Cause or Predict a Recession? – Vibhu Vikramaditya 
The Inflation Tax Jacked Up the Cost of Your Thanksgiving – Peter Schiff
The Bubble Economy’s Credit-Asset Death Spiral – Charles Hugh Smith
Bernie Madoff’s Lawyer to FTX’s Bankman-Fried: “Shut Up!”
– TheStreet
Draper predicts bitcoin will reach $250,000 next year despite FTX collapse – FT
Bitcoin Sinks Further 70% in Standard Chartered List of Possible 2023 Upsets – Bloomberg
How to Save Your Skin According to SB-F & Fauci – Jeffrey Tucker
Yale Law Drops Out Of Ranking System That It Never Needed – John Tamny
Crudo cae por debajo de US$80; alza de tasas golpea los mercados
– Bloomberg
Why the war on fossil fuels is causing chaos
– Yahoo Finance
Russia’s European Crude Sales Collapse Ahead of Sanctions
– Bloomberg
The Russian ‘Oil Cap’ Has the Hallmarks Of a Historic Debacle – Peter Doran
Oil tanker jam forms off Turkey after start of Russian oil cap – Financial Times
The Malthusian Contradiction – Antony Davies

Wealth Management

Crypto Bad! – Max Borders 
Iger’s Back—Is Disney a Buy? – Thompson Clark
Ken Fisher on Nixing the VIX – Fisher Investments
Follow The Delphic Maxims – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Pensiones, ahorro, largo plazo e inversiones – TDND
Why the Definition of Inflation Matters – Michael Maharrey
Q3 GDP Growth of 2.9% Exceeds 2.6% Estimate – Richard Moody
How Can You Start to Control Your Money? – Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz
Fiat and Gold: Two Fixes for a Broken US Monetary Base – Brown, Pringle
El actual mercado bajista casi ha agotado su recorrido de caída – Schroders
El mercado reacciona de forma exagerada al discurso de Powell – Charles Castillo
A Possible Turning Point in the Struggle to Tame Inflation in 2023 – Preston Caldwell
Unprecedented Liquidations Lead To Historic Collapse In Investors’ Oil Exposure – ZH