Lunes, 6 de febrero de 2023

Economía Internacional

Brasil: Elevan apuestas de tasas ante disputa Lula-banco central – Bloomberg
Brasil: Duras declaraciones del Banco Central disgustan a Lula – Bloomberg
Brasil: “No hay explicación” para estos niveles de tasas, dice Lula – Bloomberg
En Brasil, el mercado espera más inflación – El Economista
Latinoamérica, inflación y políticas monetarias – Axel Kaiser y Steve Hanke
Miedo en Chile: el ladrón detrás del juez – Luis Larraín
Chile: Cuidemos el mercado de capitales – Sergio Lehmanne
Chile: Banco Central e Imacec fuerzan cambios de visiones – Bloomberg
Colombia: A Judge Just Used ChatGPT to Make a Court Decision – Vice
Ecuador: El fracaso del control de las tasas – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
El Salvador: Fitch Ratings mantiene calificación de ‘CC’ – Bloomberg
Panamá, en vías de salir de la lista gris del Gafi – Bloomberg
Perú declara emergencia por 60 días en siete regiones – Deutsche Welle
Wall St set to open lower on Fed fears; Tyson Foods slides – Reuters
Stock futures slide as Fed optimism fades after jobs shocker – Yahoo Finance
Goldman pokes holes in ballooning stock market rally – Yahoo Finance
Stock market is basically going nowhere for the rest of the year: Goldman Sachs
– YF
The Year’s Emerging-Market Rally Is Already in Danger of Slowing
– Bloomberg
Powell speaks, more earnings: What to know this week – Yahoo Finance
It’s Never Too Late to Begin Protesting against the Proposed CBDCs – Connor O’Keeffe
The paradox of financial conditions – Mohamed El-Erian
Boeing 737 Crashes While Fighting Brushfires In Australia – Zero Hedge
Turkey rocked by second earthquake after more than 1,900 killed – FT
Two massive earthquakes rock Turkey and Syria as death toll exceeds 1,800 – CNBC
Biden Won’t Negotiate On the Debt. So Why Is GOP Bad? – Ingrid Jacques
Why The White House Is Wrong About Oil Major Share Buybacks – Robert Rapier
Yellen: ‘You don’t have a recession’ when U.S. unemployment at 53-year low – Reuters
Yellen: “No hay recesión” cuando el desempleo en EEUU es de mínimos de 53 años – Reuters
A EEUU le espera un aterrizaje ‘suave, suavecito’ en 2023 – El Financiero
Why This Recession is Different – Jeff Deist
The Age of Decline – Antony Davies
Liz Truss is blaming the left-wing ‘economic establishment’ for ousting her – CNBC
Opposite What Economists Say, Rising Wages Aren’t Inflation – John Tamny
Liquidity, Timing, and the Keynesian Beauty Contest – Frederik Gieschen
Fiscal Stimulus Carries A High Cost – Scott Sumner
Saying No (Again) To Wage And Price Controls – David Henderson
Russia’s war machine expected to take major hit after latest oil ban – Fox Business
Crude oil edges higher on optimism over China’s demand growth – Investing
Coronavirus and the Three Tests of Compliance – Jeffrey Tucker
China urges calm after U.S. shoots down suspected spy balloon – CNBC
España: Eurostat suma 173.000 parados más tras depurar datos de Díaz – El Economista
The curious case of FTX VIPs – Charles Gasparino
FTX seeking return of Sam Bankman-Fried’s political donations – Fox Business
Adani Stock Selloff Enters Third Week as $117 Billion Wiped Out
– Bloomberg
Steve Eisman of ‘Big Short’ Fame Sees a New Paradigm Unfolding in Markets
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Another Bull Market Signal – J.C. Parets
Happy Days Are Here Again! – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Evolución de los fondos 4º Trimestre 2022 – Cobas AM
Rothschild family plans to take investment bank private – FT
Súper datos del viernes, ¿ruido o verdad? – Álex Fusté, Andbank
Waiting for Certainty of Bear’s End Can Be Costly – Market Minder
Inversión en combustibles fósiles y ASG – Portocolom AV y Cobas AM
Rothschild Family to Take Bank Private in $4 Billion Deal
– Bloomberg
Why the red-hot stock market is ripe for a cooldown – Yahoo Finance
Elon Musk v. Michael Burry: Who’s Right About TSLA? – Samuel O’Brient
Did Investors Learn Nothing From Last Year’s Market Drop? – Paul La Monica
World’s Biggest Public Hedge Fund Bets on Emerging-Markets Rout
– Bloomberg
Mayor fondo de cobertura apuesta a caída de mercados emergentes
– Bloomberg
Mercados emergentes ven regreso de correlación clave: Gráfico – Bloomberg
TDND: Las claves del proceso de inversión de Iván Martín – Magallanes Value Investors
Managing Money Is as Important as Making It: The Sad Case of Athletes Going Broke – Lipton Matthews
The Fed’s Portfolio Is Nonexistent: The Fed Does Not Invest. It Destroys Investments – William L. Anderson