Miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia’s Big Bet on Lithium Is a Long Shot – Eduardo Porter, Bloomberg
La gran apuesta boliviana por el litio es riesgosa – Eduardo Porter, Bloomberg
Chile: Mises y la mentalidad del fracaso – Axel Kaiser
Argentina: Ventana para dolarizar pase para eludir cepo – Bloomberg
Argentina: Dólar blue en récord histórico, inflación en marzo – Bloomberg
Colombia: Bonos locales lideran avances entre emergentes – Bloomberg
Colombia y Perú consideran bonos de catástrofe del Banco Mundial
– Bloomberg
This banking crisis isn’t 2008. That doesn’t make it a good thing – Yahoo Finance
Cliff Asness Shows How to Beat Market with Boring Stocks – William Baldwin
Stock futures higher, crypto rallies as quarter-end nears – Yahoo Finance
Why Republicans Abandoned Their Economic Message – Alex Shephard
Technology Has Saved Us From Relentless Brutality – Richard Rahn
Lessons from the Phillips Curve – Joshua R. Hendrickson
To Fight the State, Build Alternatives to the State – Ryan McMaken
Oil Has Dropped Sharply. Its Next Move Will Be Key – Barron’s
Is the Fed Trying to Bail Out the World? Sure Looks Like It – Kristoffer Mousten Hansen
El BCE debería seguir subiendo los tipos, pero más lento: Kazimir – Reuters
Swiss Government Sends Credit Suisse Plan to Parliament – Bloomberg
Credit Suisse still helping wealthy dodge U.S. taxes: Senate – Reuters
Investors pull $1.6 billion from Binance after CFTC lawsuit – Reuters
Binance hid extensive links to China for several years – Financial Times
Bitcoin climbs 5% above $28,000 as investors shrug off regulatory crackdowns – CNBC
With Sergio Ermotti, Switzerland gets a cost-cutting local to restore its reputation – CNBC
Sergio Ermotti returns as UBS chief to steer Credit Suisse takeover – Financial Times
Why Progressive Taxes Are Especially Harmful to Productivity and Harm the Poor – Brian Balfour
Credit Suisse whistleblowers say Swiss bank has been helping wealthy Americans dodge U.S. taxes – CNBC

Wealth Management

¿Por qué Azvalor no invierte en bancos? – Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro
Investing With Conviction, Not Mandates, Is Here to Stay – David Spika
Banking ‘Crisis’ Is Like Winter In Europe: Market Meaning – Ken Fisher 
Los grandes bancos estadounidenses mantienen su fortaleza – Eric Compton
¿Esta crisis bancaria es la misma historia de siempre? – Ariel Bezalel, Jupiter AM
Creand WM crece 38% en 2022, con un volumen de negocio de €3.429 millones – FundsNews