Jueves, 6 de abril de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Bonos soberanos caen a su nivel más bajo en seis años – El Deber
Bolivia: Bonos soberanos caen a menos de la mitad – El Deber
Estamos ante la peor crisis de la historia de Argentina – Javier Milei
Chile: Inflación sigue en rebeldía en torno al 11% – América Economía
Brasil vende US$2.250M en bonos en primera emisión bajo Lula
– Bloomberg
Stocks fall ahead of key jobs report amid more weak data – Yahoo Finance
The Rally Is Driven by a Few Big Stocks. That Can Be Trouble – Barron’s
IMF Warns Five-Year Global Growth Outlook Is Weakest Since 1990 – Bloomberg
El paro semanal baja menos de lo esperado en Estados Unidos – Bolsamanía
Tucker Carlson Sounds Alarm Over De-Dollarization – Zero Hedge
Roosevelt’s 1933 Gold Theft and Default – Elgin Groseclose
Production Expresses Desire to Consume – Donald Boudreaux
A CBDC Would Not Be Money in the Sense Used in the Constitution – Robert E. Wright
AI Will Cause Us to Fall In Love with Work, and Delay Retirement – John Tamny

Wealth Management

33 Undervalued Stocks – Susan Dziubinski
Recession? March Was Miserable For Dividends – Ironman
Rumors of Dollar Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated – Market Minder
The best we can hope for is that we bottom at 3,000 – Jeremy Grantham
No es lo mismo invertir en Deutsche Bank que en UniCredit – Iván Martín
What The ’23 Forbes Billionaire Ranking Says About Wealth Today – Whizy Kim
Financial System Is Done, Nothing Left: Fed Will Now Fast-Track CBDCs – Lynette Zang
Golden Question? Is the Petrodollar the Next Thing to Break? – Matthew Piepenburg
These 10 Value Companies Should Have Great Sales and Earnings Through 2024 – Barron’s
Nassim Taleb On What Bitcoiners, Anti-Vaxxers, VCs and Deadlifters Are Getting Wrong – Bloomberg