Martes, 20 de junio de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Precio de la acción de YPF sube más de 350% en un año – Bloomberg
Argentina: El proyecto nacional y popular de un náufrago – Roberto Cachanosky
Bolivia: Gigante chino entra en la carrera para industrializar el litio – Bloomberg
Bolivia: La Gestora está funcionando de manera ilegal – Vicente Cuéllar
Colombia: Desaprobación del presidente Petro vuelve a aumentar – Valora
Colombia: Nostalgia y el Muro de Berlín – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Perú: Newmont aplaza dos años decisión de invertir en Yanacocha – Reuters
Chile: Banco Central recorta proyección de crecimiento para este 2023 – Bloomberg
Chile Holds Interest Rate Steady in Split Vote and Signals Monetary Easing
– Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley Says Stock Bulls Face Rude Awakening
– Bloomberg
Treasury Yields Rise as Global Bond Slide Extends Before Powell
– Bloomberg
Stocks fall as caution saps momentum – Yahoo Finance
Dethroning the Almighty Dollar? – Peter Earle
President Biden’s Inflation Malarkey – Alexander Salter
Inflation Reduction Act Repeal Would Drive Economy Into Ditch – Ben Evans
The Fed Needs to Stop Marching in Lockstep. A Fight Would Be Good – Barron’s
More Federal Debt Means More Taxes, Less Growth, and Weaker Real Wages – Daniel Lacalle
Where Will Mayor Adams Get Funds for Pricey Union Deals? – Nicole Gelinas
Why We Support Fed In Its Pause of Its Central Plan – Norbert Michel & Jai Kedia
Biden is back on the road as Democrats worry about 2024 prospects – Financial Times
Hunter Biden hit with federal tax and firearm charges – Financial Times
Hunter Biden to plead guilty to federal tax crimes, take deal on gun charge – CNBC
UK Headed for Recession if Rates Reach 6%, Economist Says
– Bloomberg
Surge in China’s Demand for Gold Is Slowing as Economy Stumbles
– Bloomberg
La economía china se desvanece y y no hay un plan para estimularla – El Economista
Chinese Banks Disappoint With Modest Cut to Five-Year Rate
– Bloomberg
Alibaba replaces longtime CEO Zhang in surprise shake-up – Bloomberg
Optimism Rises in China Tech With World-Beating Rally
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Bajada de tipos hipotecarios en China – Morningstar
Fidelity legend Peter Lynch reflects on investing – Yahoo Finance
Population Collapse And Economy’s Existential Threats – Peter Grandich
Steve Eisman Says His Big Bet Now Is on US Infrastructure – Bloomberg
Some Signs of a More Troubled Housing Market Ahead – Josh Enomoto
How not to see the second phase of the banking crisis coming – Jeff Sneider
Despite What You’re Told, Rate Hikes Aren’t a Market Driver – Market Minder
Powell’s message to markets was ‘confused and confusing’ – Mohamed El-Erian
Value investing vs. growth investing: Which is better in today’s market? – Bankrate
iCapital ficha a Ligia Sandoval y Nicolás San Román para expandirse – FundsNews
La banca europea sube casi un 10% en el año pese a Credit Suisse – El Economista
El “reopening” de la economía china siguer sin convencer a los mercados – Andbank