Jueves, 10 de agosto de 2023

Economía Internacional

¿Existe toque de queda en Ecuador? – El Universo
Ecuador: Lasso decreta Estado de Excepción tras crimen de Villavicencio – Bloomberg
Ecuador: EEUU envía FBI para ayudar a investigar asesinato de Villavicencio – Bloomberg
Ecuador presidential candidate assassinated – Financial Times
Investors Brace for Fallout From Ecuador Candidate’s Killing – Bloomberg
An Ecuadorian presidential candidate is assassinated – The Economist
Ecuador’s Outspoken Anti-Narco Presidential Candidate Assassinated In Broad Daylight – ZH
US Is Sending FBI to Ecuador to Help Probe Presidential Candidate’s Killing – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Empresas estatales perdieron Bs 4.000 millones en 15 años – El Diario
El plan de Javier Milei para dolarizar Argentina y reconstruir su economía – Jesús Esteban
Argentina’s Assets to Watch Before Key Primary Election – Bloomberg
Mexico and Peru’s Central Banks Forecast to Hold – Bloomberg
México: Debilidades y desafíos de las finanzas públicas – Manuel Sánchez González
Latin America could become this century’s commodity superpower – The Economist
Headline Inflation Rises, but There Was Good News, Too – Barron’s
Más dilema para la Fed: el IPC repunta al 3,2% y la subyacente se relaja al 4,7% – El Economista
CPI Rebounds In July; Fed’s Favorite Inflation Indicator Remains ‘Sticky’ – Zero Hedge
Inflation slowdown stalls as prices nudge up in July – Yahoo Finance
Stocks climb as inflation trends stay positive – Yahoo Finance
US inflation edges up to 3.2% in July – Financial Times
U.S. inflation gauge rose 3.2% annually in July, less than expected – CNBC
Interest rates should stay around 5% for longer — even as inflation falls: Jim O’Neill – CNBC
The U.S. Credit Rating Just Dropped. It’s Time for Radical Budget Reform – Veronique de Rugy
U.S. Should Follow Alexander Hamilton On Debt – Robert Wright
Joe’s Bidenomics Victory Tour Is a Bust From Day One – James Bovard
The Mating of Economic Ideas and Bitcoin – Emile Phaneuf III
Why Governments Hate Honest Money – Daniel Lacalle
US Consumer Prices Data Set to Show ‘Wave of Disinflation’
– Bloomberg
The Greater Financial Crisis Of 2024 – Jim Rickards
Which Countries Will Win the AI Revolution? – Tyler Cowen
This Scientist Used To Spread Climate Change Alarmism. Now She’s Trying To Debunk It – John Stossel
European gas prices jumped nearly 40% on Australia supply fears – CNBC
OPEC Data Suggest 2 Million-Barrel-a-Day Oil Supply Deficit as Saudis Cut
– Bloomberg
OPEC’s Oil Production Slumps As Saudi Arabia Cuts Output – Charles Kennedy
India’s Central Bank Pauses Again to Battle With Inflation
– Bloomberg
Deflation in China: Why Prices Are Falling and What Beijing Can Do
– Bloomberg
China Is Slipping Into Deflation. Beijing Has Lost the Private Sector – Barron’s
Can China escape deflation? – The Economist
China’s International Economic Strategy: Give Me Your Assets, and You Can Have My Yuan – Barron’s

Wealth Management

Poor Earnings Release… Time to Panic? – Kelly Green
Buenas perspectivas para el oro y la plata – Funds Society
Why the Job Market Shouldn’t Factor In Forecasts – Market Minder
Mastering Bonds: So Simple, a 12-Year-Old Could Do It – Jared Dillian
Surgen nuevos interrogantes para lo que queda de 2023 – Peter Kraus
Tres temáticas de rentabilidad para inversores en multiactivos – Karen Watkin
The Bull Market for Gold and Silver: 1970s vs. Today – Goehring & Rozencwajg
Nuestra mayor convicción son los mercados emergentes – Luca Paolini, Pictet AM
Deutsche Bank’s Asset Manager Targets ‘Holy Grail’ of World’s Ultra Rich – Bloomberg