Lunes, 21 de agosto de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia, en 2029 importará todos los combustibles – Brújula Digital
Bolivia importará en 2029 todos los combustibles por $us 5.700 millones – Los Tiempos
Ecuador: Bonos soberanos suben tras resultados de primera vuelta electoral – Bloomberg
Ecuador irá a balotaje presidencial en nuevo duelo entre izquierda y derecha
Ecuador Debt Jumps With Presidential Vote Heading to Runoff
– Bloomberg
Ecuador candidate backed by Correa will face banana heir in second round – CNBC
El terremoto político que causó Javier Milei en Argentina – Andrés Oppenheimer
Argentina: La ruina del kirchnerismo en cuatro gráficos – Manuel Llamas
Guatemala: Bernardo Arévalo de León gana las elecciones – Bloomberg
Stock open higher as Wall Street looks for August turnaround – Yahoo Finance
Money Trail Can Easily Expose the Biden Cover-Up – Charles Gasparino
The Coming Collapse of the Global Ponzi Scheme – George Ford Smith
Dollar Hegemony Is Ending Due to Geopolitical Changes – Patrick Barron
Inflation: Expected and Unexpected – Clifford F. Thies 
The Fed’s Jackson Hole Meeting Is Powell’s Big Moment – Barron’s
La Fed llega a Jackson Hole con la duda de subir tipos una última vez – El Economista
Bitcoin Extends Losses as Global Jump in Bond Yields Deters Dip Buying
– Bloomberg
Yield on 10-year Treasury hits highest since 2007 – Financial Times
European Stocks Rise From Six-Week Low as Energy, Luxury Rally
– Bloomberg
German producer prices fall at fastest pace since 2009 – Financial Times
BOJ’s Record-Bond Buying Is Driving Need for YCC Tweaks
– Bloomberg
The Case for Emerging-Market Investing Is Fading in August
– Bloomberg
China: Bancos estatales compran yuanes en el extranjero para frenar devaluación – Reuters
China Cuts Rates, Hitting Stimulus Hopes. Stocks Fall – Barron’s
China’s Surprise Move on Loan Rates Shows Banks Under Pressure
– Bloomberg
Hang Seng Index Sees Longest Losing Streak Since 2021 Amid Gloom
– Bloomberg
China surprises with modest rate cut amid growing yuan risks – Reuters
Baidu’s Results May Shake Optimism Over China AI: Tech Watch
– Bloomberg
Goldman Cuts China Stock Targets on Renewed Property Concerns
– Bloomberg
China’s ‘whack-a-mole’ economic playbook leads to confusion – Financial Times
China: Country Garden to be removed from Hang Seng Index on Sept. 4 – CNBC
China se asusta con las bajadas de tipos: preocupan el ladrillo y los bancos – El Economista
China: PBoCh trims 1-year rate, but unexpectedly leaves 5-year rate unchanged – CNBC
Why investors may not need to worry too much about China’s economy – Yahoo Finance
China growth hopes fade after modest rate cut – Financial Times
China hits the east Asian demographic wall – Gideon Rachman

Wealth Management

Is The Correction Over? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
With Investing, Risks Differ but Never Disappear – Market Minder
China’s emphasis will change from real estate to tech – Mark Mobius
Desaconsejamos aumentar el riesgo en renta variable – J. Safra Sarasin
The Days of Low Inflation and Low Interest Rates are Over – Peter Schiff
The Unbearable, Total Nothingness of Yield Curve Inversion – John Tamny
Is The U.S. Dollar Going To Zero? How Superpowers Rise And Fall – Marin Katusa
‘I Will Be Truly Shocked’ If Economy Doesn’t Break Before Year-End – Lobo Tiggre
China: más señales de desaceleración y medidas de estímulo pero menos transparencia – Andbank
China entra en deflación y siembra más dudas con la debilidad de sus datos macro – Funds Society