Viernes, 18 de agosto de 2023

Econompia Internacional

Argentina: La dolarización es indispensable – Agustín Etchebarne
Argentina: El enigma de Milei – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
Argentina: Cumplida una devaluación, esperan la segunda – Bloomberg
Argentina: Milei se reunirá con el FMI tras turbulencias del mercado – Reuters
What does libertarian Milei’s shock primary win mean for Argentina’s economy? – Focus Economics
Stock markets face a ‘perfect storm’ as high rates and China fears bite – CNBC
Stocks look set to end brutal week with more steep losses – Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin falls nearly 8% as cryptocurrency slide continues – Financial Times
A Welcome Deflationary Breeze? – Steven Vannelli
Monetary Inflation Won’t Create Economic Growth – Jörg Guido Hülsmann
The Five Fibs Biden Is Telling You About the Economy – Stephen Moore
Rich Americans Anxious About the Economy, Too – Allison Schrager
Eurozona: Inflación se moderó al 5,3% en julio, pero subyacente no cede – The Objective
Democrats Are Using Global Warming To Gain Political Power – Issues & Insight
Will China’s Economic Slowdown Pull the U.S. Down Too? – Joel Mathis
EEUU cree que la economía china “es una bomba de relojería” – Diego Sánchez de la Cruz
China Evergrande Group Files Chapter 15 Bankruptcy in New York
– Bloomberg
Chinese developer Evergrande files for US bankruptcy protection – Financial Times
China unveils capital market reforms to boost investor confidence – Financial Times
El gigante chino Evergrande se declara en bancarrota en EEUU – El Economista
China’s property giant Evergrande files for bankruptcy protection in U.S. court – CNBC
Bolsas cerca de mínimos por caída de bonos, problemas en China impulsan al dólar – Reuters
China Steps Up Efforts to Stabilize Markets as Confidence Slumps
– Bloomberg
Xi Jinping visitará Sudáfrica para la cumbre de los BRICS – AFP
China revela medidas para reactivar el mercado bursátil
– Reuters
China’s central bank steps up defence of renminbi – Financial Times

Wealth Management

How China’s economic turmoil could hurt your portfolio – CNN Business
How to Protect Your Retirement Assets From Inflation – Christine Benz
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