Martes, 26 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Para que la moneda mala desplace a la buena – Roberto Cachanosky
Colombia: Peso revaluado y Presidente devaluado – La República
Bolivia: Evo Morales anuncia candidatura tras chocar con su antiguo protegido – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Bonos caen ante planes de Evo Morales de volver a la presidencia – Bloomberg
Brasil: Banco Central preocupado por expectativas inflacionarias desalineadas – Reuters
Brazil’s Central Bank Says Bigger Interest Rate Cuts Are Unlikely
– Bloomberg
Stocks fall at the open amid Fed fallout, shutdown warning – Yahoo Finance
High oil prices are ‘manageable’ for now — but precarious – Yahoo Finance
Jamie Dimon believes U.S. ‘not prepared’ for 7% interest rates – Yahoo Finance
The Fed Holds Rate Steady—it Doesn’t Know What Else To Do – Ryan McMaken
The debt-fuelled bet on US Treasuries that’s scaring regulators – Financial Times
The Multiyear Decline in US Economic Freedom – Richard Salsman 
There’s No Near-Term ‘Sugar High’ From Government Spending – John Tamny
A Government Shutdown Is Close. What’s at Stake – Barron’s
Al Congreso de EEUU se le acaba el tiempo para financiar el Gobierno – Reuters
What Happened To Mark Zuckerberg’s Next Big Thing? – James Clayton
How Gavin Newsom Is Ruining Chances of Being President – Steve Forbes
Oil Export Bans Make for Crude Politics – Stephen Anderson
The Counterproductive Antitrust – Benjamin Seevers
Swiss Franc Set for Longest Losing Run Since 1975, Stung by Low Yield – Bloomberg
Spain’s opposition leader slams PM over mooted Catalan amnesty – FT
España: Eurostat desmonta el optimismo del Gobierno: el PIB es el cuarto peor – TO
Grecia destapa las vergüenzas de Yolanda Díaz: ignorancia y pésima gestión – M. Llamas
Rebote del petróleo lleva el flete marítimo hasta máximos anuales – El Economista
Los verdes son ya el partido de la recesión en Europa – Matthew Lynn
Russia has proved resilient to western sanctions, says Deripaska – FT
Fossil fuel demand must fall by a quarter by 2030 to limit global warming: IEA – FT
China property: accelerating meltdown threatens other markets – Financial Times
China’s Economy Is Set to Avoid a Japanese-Style Deflation
– Bloomberg
Foreign brands including Tesla to face scrutiny as part of EU probe into China car subsidies – FT

Wealth Management

Why So Sad? – Scott Sumner
Connecting the Dots – César Pérez Ruiz
The S&P 500 Enters the Scary Season – Ironman
24 Things I Believe About Investing – Ben Carlson
Eventually Free Money Has A Cost – Mark Rzepczynski
Best Investments to Own During a Recession – Amy Arnott
5 Undervalued Stocks for Contrarians to Buy – David Sekera
Estilo value: ¿no tan acabado como creían algunos? – Shane Kelly
Simplifying the ‘Fed Model’ to Determine Fair Valuation – Thompson Clark
This Is the ‘Perfect’ Time to Buy Value Stocks on Sticky Inflation – Rob Arnott
The Very Rich Are Often Bad Investors. Here’s Why They Are – Nicole Goodkind
Interest rates ought to be discovered in the market, rather than imposed or suppressed – Jim Grant