Viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Jubilación obligatoria en Proyecto de Ley de Pensiones discrimina – El Diario
Chile: Poner fin a la inestabilidad constitucional – Lucía Santa Cruz
Chile Central Bank Sees Rates Trending Down, Warns of Volatility
– Bloomberg
Argentina: La bomba está encendida y la mecha parece demasiado corta – Manuel Adorni
Ecuador: La virtud del ahorro – Gabriela Calderón
Stocks edge higher at open but head for losing week – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s ‘plausible’ economic outcome leaves little margin for investors – Yahoo Finance
Global Stagflation? US, EU PMIs Signal Slowing Growth, Rising Prices – Zero Hedge
The Central Bank Policy Interest Rate vs the Natural Rate – Frank Shostak
Fed Dots: Stabs In the Dark Without Any Substance – Jeffrey Snider
How U.S. Taxpayers Could Fund Striking Writers, Actors – Brian Sikma
EEUU: PMI, cerca al estancamiento en septiembre – Reuters
Eurozone economic downturn looms as business orders fall – Financial Times
Weak Euro-Area PMI Data Suggest Economy Facing Contraction
– Bloomberg
Oil Rises Near $94 as Tightening Market Vies With Hawkish Fed
– Bloomberg
The Oil-Price Shock Is a Direct Consequence of Interventionism – Daniel Lacalle
UK recession risk increases as services activity falls – Financial Times
The Myth About Electric Vehicle Production And Job Creation – Mark Mills
Why Are Fed Leaders And Economists So Out Of Sync? – Mike Cosgrove
Most Economists Are Wrong about the Economy – McMaken, Bishop, Thornton
Beware of Mistaking Artifacts for Economic Realities – Donald J. Boudreaux 
BOJ’s Ueda Tamps Down Speculation of Rate Hike, Pressuring Yen
– Bloomberg
Apple’s iPhone 15 launches in China with people flocking to stores – CNBC

Wealth Management

The Oil Stock Disconnect – Bill Smead
6 valores biotecnológicos infravalorados – Morningstar
If I Could Only Buy One Stock For the Next 5 Years – Stephen McBride
Yields Are Near Their Peak. You Shouldn’t Wait to Buy Bonds – Barron’s
Economy Won’t Survive What The Fed Has Planned – Alfonso Peccatiello
Earn, Save Or Invest: Which Matters Most In Building Wealth? – Wealthion
The plight of the ‘permacrisis’ and what to do about it – Mohamed El-Erian
Most Long-Term Investors Can Ignore the Fed’s Latest Move – Chuck Jaffe
What Is A Tax Haven & What Is An Offshore Jurisdiction? – Mikkel Thorup
An Offshore Bank Account Can Make All the Difference in the World – Doug Casey
Danielle DiMartino Booth and Lacy Hunt: Navigating Turbulent Markets – Hedgeye