Lunes, 16 de octubre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Deuda pública representa entre el 80% y 99% del PIB – El Deber
Brasil: Siembra de soja 2023/24 pierde impulso por mal tiempo – Reuters
Chile: China Tsingshan invertirá $250 millones en litio chileno: Boric
– Reuters
Chile: A los bonos de Codelco les ha ido mal, pero aún no tocan fondo – Bloomberg
Colombia: Producción de concreto cae por menor apetito a construir vivienda – Valora
Colombia: Bogotá, una de las ciudades con mejores startups en América Latina – Valora
Israel rompería relaciones con COlombia por declaraciones de Petro – Valora
Ecuador: Daniel Noboa es elegido como el presidente más joven – AFP
El mercado de seguros latinoamericano tiene valor de US$174 mil millones
– Valora
Dow futures rise amid Middle East tensions – Yahoo Finance
Wall St opens higher with focus on earnings, economic data – Reuters
Why one sentence from Dimon has changed the game for investors – Yahoo Finance
Time Is Running Out for the ‘Year of the Bond’ as Losses Mount
– Bloomberg
Big Tech’s Profit Machine Is Propping Up S&P 500 Earnings
– Bloomberg
Wall Street Strategists Sound Alarm on Worsening Profit Outlook
– Bloomberg
What Banking Crisis? – Felix Salmon
Israel War Adds to Global Turmoil – Daniel Lacalle
US oil and gas finds warmer welcome in capital markets – Financial Times
Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodities This Week
– Bloomberg
¿Se prepara la FED para subir las tasas de interés en Estados Unidos?
– Valora
Yellen: Es posible que persistan los tipos de interés más altos en EEUU – Bolsamanía
The Fed Is Frustrated That Its Five-Year Plans Aren’t Working – John Tamny
Making a Case For the National Debt As a Form of Insanity – Wesley Hunt
As global debt worries mount, is another crisis brewing? – Reuters
What Budget Crisis? The U.S. Will Borrow Even More as Global Tensions Grow – Barron’s
The Worst Case Scenario For the Housing Market – Ben Carlson
España eleva su previsión de crecimiento para 2023, pero baja la de 2024
Italy unveils €24bn in tax cuts and pay rises to spur faltering growth – FT
Polonia: Tusk declara triunfo electoral tras encuestas con declive conservador – AP
China says Israel’s actions in Gaza have ‘gone beyond self defense’ – CNCB
China aumenta la liquidez del sistema bancario
– Reuters
China’s Economy Is in Search of More Stable Footing
– Bloomberg
China Tightens Rules on Short Selling in a Bid to Boost Stocks
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Prophets of Doom – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Trend Inflation Is Halfway There – Amy Yang
Cómo desmontar los mitos del mercado – Ken Fisher
Fifteen of the Best Investment Books of All Time – John Kador
Financial Markets Clearly In a Risk-Off Mode – Brad McMillan
The Incredible Shrinking Shareholders’ Meeting – Peter Flaherty
Moving on From Inflation? Waning Interest In CPI – Market Minder
What To Do Now If You Plan To Retire In a Few Years – Marc Rapport
Q3 Earnings Preview: Do You Believe in Bad Omens? – Rob Swanke
Get Excited About Stocks Despite the Hot Inflation Data – Luke Lango
Somos muy metódicos, unos paranoicos del proceso – Azvalor, TDND
Safe-haven assets in focus as Israel-Hamas war continues – UBS WM
La renta variable se deteriora, pero quedan oportunidades escondidas – Schroders
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la gestión patrimonial y la gestión de inversiones?
– Valora
Fed Will Eventually Break Something: But What, When and Where? – Alfonso Peccatiello
Making Money While Making Sense of Chaos: Understanding the World of the Traders – Bob Murphy