Lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

¡Mucha suerte, Javier! – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Argentina: MIlei viaja con Caputo e inicia gira en EEUU – Infobae
Argentina: voladura controlada de un régimen clientelar – Javier Santacruz
Hyperinflation and Dollarization: A Path to Economic Stability for Argentina – N. Cachanosky
Argentina nunca será Corea – José García Domínguez
Garbled Economics in the WSJ on Argentina Dollarization – Jason Sorens
Milei Needn’t “Dollarize”: Market Forces Have Done It for Him – John Tamny
Why Javier Milei’s Win Is Such Big and Important News – Steve Forbes
Can Javier Milei Defeat the Bureaucrat Hordes? – Charles Krblich
Friedrich Hayek’s Insights Much Needed Right Now – Allen Mendenhall
Bolivia: Dependemos de importación de combustible a precio descomunal – El Deber
México: PIB 3er trimestre avanza 1.1%; ocho trimestres seguidos – El Economista
US futures stall, but stocks still head for blowout month – Yahoo Finance
Stocks Edge Lower on China Data; Gold Above $2,000
– Bloomberg
Billions Wiped Out as Stock-Safety Trade on Wall Street Misfires
– Bloomberg
The World’s Largest Buyer of U.S. Debt Isn’t Going Away
– The Wall Street Journal
Inflation data to put stocks rally to the test – Yahoo Finance
Fed Rate Cuts Will Not Save The Economy – Daniel Lacalle
Gold price hits six-month high as investors bet on rate cuts – Financial Times
El BCE podría debatir pronto el fin de la reinversión de bonos -Lagarde – Reuters
Inflation Gauges at 2021 Lows May Support End of Fed, ECB Hikes
– Bloomberg
Reino Unido celebra 37.000 millones de dólares de inversión extranjera – Reuters
Brent crude falls below $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting – Reuters
Oil Declines for Fourth Day on OPEC+ Intrigue and Risk-Off Tone
– Bloomberg
Oil Shows Signs of Softening Before High-Stakes OPEC+ Meet
– Bloomberg
Oil Prices Are Falling. OPEC Is Reaching the Limits of Its Power
– Barron’s
China Investors Face Tens of Billions in Losses Over Zhongzhi
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Gracias, prensa económica – Enrique Roca
Are We in a Commodities Super Cycle? – Jay Martin
A Profusion of Recession Indicators – Crescat Capital
How The Market Shapes Your Portfolio – Ben Carlson
BOA’s 2024 Gold Analysis Asks Some Questions – VBL
Some Things To Be Thankful For – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Nuestra visión y asignación de activos para 2024 – Andbank
¿Ocaso en bolsa deuda españolas? – Guillermo Santos, iCapital
Gold Is at Inflection Point, Hard Landing Is Coming – Tavi Costa
In the Stock Market, Don’t Buy and Sell. Just Hold – Jeff Sommer
¿Qué debo hacer si tengo contratado un plan de pensiones? – TDND
How to Tweak Your Investments for a More Normal Market – Barron’s
Cómo beneficiarse de la victoria de Milei en Argentina – Álex Estebaranz
Javier Milei Elected in Argentina (Should You Move There?) – Nomad Capitalist
Stocks, Real Estate & Bond Implosion – The Convergence of Crises – Mike Maloney
The U.S. Economy Just Hit a Major “Inflection Point” (Ray Dalio Interview) – New Money