Lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Los anuncios económicos serán recién mañana – Infobae
Argentina: El desafío de un reset económico – Fausto Spotorno
Argentina comienza nueva era de paz y prosperidad – Aldo Abram
La filosofía profunda de Milei – José García Domínguez
Las diez verdades incómodas que lanzó Milei en su primer discurso – M. Llamas
Argentina: Challenge of Commitment Deviceon Dollarization – Nicolas Cachanosky 
Colombia: Diagnóstico equivocado – Alberto J. Bernal-León
A Defense of Globalization – Donald Boudreaux
Brazil Economists Lift Growth Forecasts as Activity Outperforms – Bloomberg
La siembra de soja en Brasil para 2023/24 alcanza el 91%, dice AgRural – Reuters
Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodity Markets This Week
– Bloomberg
Standout Emerging-Market Bond Bet Set for Another Boost – Bloomberg
EM Volatility Bets Rise With Dovish Fed Narrative Questioned
– Bloomberg
If You Fight Inflation With Rate Hikes, You Don’t Fight Inflation – John Tamny
Fed Starts to Confront the Next Big Question: Why to Cut Rates
– Bloomberg
Bitcoin’s 2023 Rally Frays During Brief 7.5% Drop Toward $40,000 – Bloomberg
Goldman, Funds Turn Bullish on Pound as BOE to Lag on Rate Cuts
– Bloomberg
Swiss Central Bank to First Cut Rates in September, Survey Shows
– Bloomberg
UK Economists Say Bank of England May Warn Against Rate Cut Bets
– Bloomberg
Euro Area to Suffer First Recession Since Pandemic, Survey Shows
– Bloomberg
How Ji Xinping’s Desire For Control Hurts China Economy – Jordan McGillis
Is China America’s Biggest Threat? Or Is It Ourselves? – Vance Ginn
Is China America’s Biggest Threat? – Vance Ginn

Wealth Management

Dónde invertir en 2024 – Sara Silano
Everyone’s Predicting a Rate Cut – Robert Aro
5 Investing Rules I Break in My Portfolio – Adam Fleck
If You Hate Investment Risk, High Rates Are Great – Jeff Sommer
Putting Western Money Supply Dips Into Context – Market Minder
Thoughts On How To Position Your Portfolio Going Into 2024 – Eric Fry
¿Qué cabe esperar de estas últimas citas de los bancos centrales? – Funds Society