Viernes, 5 de enero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia inicia 2024 con $166 millones en divisas del BCB – El Deber
Bolivia: Reservas del BCB bajan a $1.709 millones en un año – El Diario
Bolivia cierra 2023 con las reservas internacionales más bajas en 17 años
Why Argentina Needs Free Cities – Vibhu Vikramaditya
Argentina’s Market Honeymoon Fades As Peso Pressure Builds
– Bloomberg
Se avecina un boom del cobre con un milagro económico para Chile – El Economista
Banco Central chileno analizó recortes de 50 y 75 puntos base – Reuters
México: La economía está “vulnerable”, según Moody’s – América Economía
México: De mal en peor – Macario Schettino
Capitalism Is Impersonal, Not Soulless – Donald Boudreaux
US futures slide with monthly jobs data on deck – Yahoo Finance
U.S. payrolls increased by 216,000 in December, better than expected – CNBC
The Labor Market Is Slowing but Still Strong. Watch Today’s Report – Barron’s
Investors Are Rushing to Cash at Record Pace in First Week: BofA
– Bloomberg
Apple’s 2024 Slump Puts Most-Valuable Stock Title at Risk
– Bloomberg
What, If Any, Social Services Should the Public Sector Provide? – Walter Block
Maersk warns of major disruption as it diverts ships – Reuters
Maersk desviará barcos lejos del mar Rojo durante “futuro predecible” – Reuters
Eurozone inflation rises to 2.9% in December – Financial Times
Euro-Area Inflation Picks Up Again as Energy Aid Is Removed
– Bloomberg
La inflación de la eurozona se acelera en diciembre a un 2,9% interanual
Investors offload European debt as rising inflation damps rate-cut hopes – FT
Troubled China Shadow Bank Zhongzhi Files for Bankruptcy
– Bloomberg
Chinese shadow lender Zhongzhi files for bankruptcy – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Algunas acciones interesantes para 2024 – Enrique Roca
The Irish Stock Market Will Rise In 2024, and Here’s Why – Ken Fisher
Investors’ Portfolio Return Expectations Are Too High – Lance Roberts
Are We in the Midst of a Multi-Year Bull Market? – Calogero Selvaggio
January 2024 Investing Newsletter: Fiscal and Monetary Divergence – Lyn Alden