Jueves, 21 de marzo de 2024

Economía Internacional

Argentina: El que entró al trade Milei ya se hizo el año – Alberto Bernal
Milei takes a chainsaw to Argentina’s state companies – Financial Times
Argentina’s Oilfield Billionaire Has ‘Lot of Hope’ for Milei
– Bloomberg
Un dilema de credibilidad en el plan económico de Milei – Nicolás Cachanosky
Argentina: 10 indicadores de mejora de la economía con Milei – Sánchez de la Cruz
Bolivia: Exportaciones de gas natural en 2023 caen un 30% – El Deber
Bolivia: Moody´s alerta menor crecimiento, mora elevada y falta de dólares – El Deber
Arce se abraza a la Rusia de Putin en medio de la búsqueda de financiamiento – MRG
Brazil Cuts Interest Rate by Half-Point and Puts Smaller Reductions in Play – Bloomberg
Why Powell says the Fed’s inflation story ‘hasn’t really changed’ – Yahoo Finance
US markets extend rally on hope of rate cuts – Financial Times
Vanguard doesn’t believe the Fed will cut interest rates this year – CNBC
The Money Supply Fell for the Fifteenth Month in a Row – Ryan McMaken
CNN Is Wrong. Deflation Is a Good Thing – Soham Patil
Inflation is Back Baby! – J.C. Parets
La reunión de la Fed fue “bastante ‘dovish'” para el mercado – Bolsamanía
Did You Spot The Gorilla In The Fed’s Meeting Room? – Simon White
Decisión tasas en Europa: bancos de Inglaterra, Noruega y Suiza al frente – Valora
Bank of England holds rates but says ‘moving in the right direction’ for cuts – CNBC
Gold prices have been hitting record highs — why the rally is far from over – CNBC
Gold Jumps Above $2,200 an Ounce for First Time on Dovish Fed
– Bloomberg
Tim Cook praises China’s ‘critical’ role in Apple’s business – Financial Times

Wealth Management

The Archive: You Bet! – Howard Marks
How Much Pain Can You Take? – Jared Dillian
Is Our Credit Card System Broken? – Peter Van Doren
Investors Are Wisely Fleeing Green Fantasies – Bill Smead
What’s Next After Nvidia In The AI Trade? – Alexandra Scaggs
Natural Resources Market Overview – Goehring & Rozencwajg
The Trouble With the Theory About Sidelined Cash – Market Minder
March FOMC: Some Subtle Shifts, but No Major Moves – Richard Moody
La planificación patrimonial no es exclusivamente para ricos – Martín Litwak
Can Prosperity Boost the Incorrect Perception of Poverty? – Donald Boudreaux
Un fondo pionero europeo de sectores líderes globales no tecnológicos – Mauricio Ríos García