Martes, 12 de marzo de 2024

Economía Internacional

El plan de Milei ya da resultados: la finanzas empiezan a funcionar – El Economista
Does Argentina Have Enough Dollars to Dollarize? – Nicolas Cachanosky
Argentina Cuts Rates to 80% in Surprise Move as Inflation Cools
– Bloomberg
Argentina Hinders Debt Swap by Not Offering Puts on Peso Bonds
– Bloomberg
Argentina Seeks Breathing Room With Peso Swap Worth $65 Billion
– Bloomberg
Bolivia: BCB coloca $22 millones de bonos en dólares – El Diario
Chile: Impuestos por secretaría – Tomás Flores
Colombia: Banco de la República prepara importante recorte de tasas – Valora
US inflation rises to 3.2% in February – Financial Times
US stocks march higher after CPI surprise – Yahoo Finance
CPI report shows inflation pressures persisting – Yahoo Finance
U.S. consumer prices rose 0.4% in February and 3.2% from a year ago – CNCB
US February Core Inflation Data Slightly Hotter Than Expected – Bloomberg
No Such Thing as a Neutral Fed – David Brady, Jr.
Another Year, Another Crisis – Peter C. Earle 
Dimon urges Fed not to cut rates in June: ‘I would wait’ – Yahoo Finance
Jamie Dimon Warns US Recession ‘Not Off the Table’ Yet – Bloomberg
What the U.S. Economy Needs Is a “Cheap Date” – Allison Schrager
Oil Edges Higher With Equities Before Key US Inflation Data
– Bloomberg
TikTok Paranoia, Brought To You By Covid-Lockdown Planners – John Tamny
How Stocks Have Performed During Shutdowns – Jeff Reeves
Childless China: Coercive Population Plan Implodes – Jon Miltimore 
China Asks Some Banks to Limit Backing for Offshore LGFV Bonds
– Bloomberg
China Stocks Begin Witnessing Bull Markets in a Gamut of Sectors
– Bloomberg
After Massive Bust, Global Lithium Market Shows Signs of Life
– Bloomberg
Swiss open first criminal probe over Russia sanctions ‘violations’ – FT

Wealth Management

Gold’s mystery rally baffles analysts – Financial Times
Con la renta fija en el punto de mira – Pilar Gómez-Bravo
Is the Stock Market Expensive Right Now? – Sarah Hansen
Are Index Funds Breaking the Stock Market? – Michael Batnick
Rising Oil Prices: Economic Boon or Global Doom? – Josh Young
Digital Currency And Gold As Speculative Warnings – Lance Roberts
Febrero: mes de récords para índices, activos y mercados – Andbank
Why The US Stock Market Is Concentrated In Technology – Toby Nangle
¿Existe realmente mucha liquidez para que suba la bolsa? – Morningstar
Risks grow for investors as a new economic framework emerges – Angel Ubide
Los rallys de Bitcoin y oro despiertan la fiebre de los inversores – Luis F. Quintero
The Two Stocks Dominating a Quarter of Druckenmiller’s Three Billion Dollar Portfolio – Benzinga