Lunes, 8 de abril de 2024

Economía ntermacional

Argentina: La falsa ilusión de un régimen bimonetario – Emilio Ocampo
Brasil: La cosecha de soja en 2023/24 alcanza el 78%, según AgRural – Reuters
Chile’s Consumer Prices Rise Less Than All Analyst Forecasts in March
– Bloomberg
Dimon flags worries over stickier inflation and higher rates – Yahoo Finance
US futures stall as focus turns to big week ahead – Yahoo Finance
How oil prices could get to $100 per barrel – Yahoo Finance
Gold Climbs to New Record Before Pivotal US Inflation Print
– Bloomberg
The Gold Market Hunts for Answers Behind Bullion’s Sudden Surge
– Bloomberg
Investors lose hope of rapid US interest rate cuts this year – Financial Times
Traders Favor Two Fed Cuts in 2024 With US Rates at Year’s Highs
– Bloomberg
Bonds Drop as Traders Trim Rate-Cut Expectations
– Bloomberg
US banks warn Paris cost of dismissing traders will harm financial hub ambitions – FT
The Fed’s ‘play-by-play commentary’ imposes unnecessary volatility – Mohamed El-Erian
Inverted pyramid of investments needs shoring up – Mohamed El-Erian
Faulty Inflation Forecasts Hold Bank of Canada Back on Rate Cuts
– Bloomberg
Oil Rally Takes Breather With Israel to Pull Some Gaza Troops
– Bloomberg
ECB Jostling Over Back-to-Back Summer Cuts Has Already Begun
– Bloomberg
España: La inversión extranjera cae 55% bajo el gobierno de Sánchez – El Economista
España: Sánchez eliminará la ‘golden visa’ para ahuyentar extranjeros ricos – Libre Mercado
Spain to scrap ‘golden visa’ regime for foreign property investors – Financial Times
German factory production expands at fastest rate for a year – Financial Times
Ireland’s new PM pledges to fix housing crisis as elections loom – Financial Times
Is Japan finally becoming a ‘normal’ economy? – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Our Greatest Threat – Doug Casey
The Stocks That Led A Stealth Q1 Value Rally – Bella Albrecht
¿Siguen infravaloradas las acciones japonesas? – James Gard
The Great Turning Point for the U.S. Economy Has Arrived – Howard Marks
Gold Is Speaking Very Loudly Right Now, Is Anyone Listening? – John Tamny
Notion That the Fed Sets Global Monetary Course Is a Myth – Market Minder
Sell Signals Triggered As Cracks Appear In The Bull Market – Lance Roberts
Most Households Are Drowning Financially While The Rich Get Richer – Marc Faber
Tesla Inc (TSLA) DCF Valuation: Is The Stock Undervalued? – The Acquirer’s Multiple
Estamos encontrando más valor en compañías de pequeño tamaño – Azvalor Managers