Miércoles, 3 de abril de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Exportaciones caen 28%, en enero de 2024 – El Deber
Bolivia: Repuntan exportaciones mineras y caen las de gas – Los Tiempos
Bolivia: Informe de reservas de hidrocarburos tedría revisión final de YPFB – La Razón
Bolivia rechaza alquilar gasoducto; busca revender gas argentino a Brasil – El Diario
Forgotten Brazil Bond Leads to First FX Intervention Since 2022 – Bloomberg
Chile: Banco Central mejora previsión del PIB entre 2% y 3% en 2024 – Reuters
Chile Tempers Monetary Easing; Cautious Interest Rate Cuts Ahead
– Bloomberg
Argentina: La sorpresa que llevará Luis Caputo al FMI en primavera – iProfesional
Argentina: Milei apunta a junio para salir del cepo y lograr acuerdo político – iProfesional
Argentina: La economía y sus desafíos en el gobierno de Javier Milei – Fausto Spotorno
Why Argentina Needs a 100%-Reserves Banking System – Philipp Bagus
Colombia: Hoy se define si se hunde proyecto bandera de Petro – Valora
US futures drift lower as faith in rate cuts fades – Yahoo Finance
US labor market remains ‘quite healthy’ – Yahoo Finance
Bostic: primera baja de tasas en EEUU debería darse en cuarto trimestre – Reuters
Surging bond yields don’t change the narrative for stocks – Yahoo Finance
Why the Inflation Figures Don’t Reflect the Daily Reality – Dave Seminara
Gold hits new high as investors seek hedge against stubborn inflation – FT
La primera bajada de tipos de Suiza marca el cambio de ciclo en marzo – Reuters
Eurozone inflation falls to 2.4% in March – Financial Times
Euro zone inflation slows to 2.4% in March; core also below forecast – CNBC
Pimco Boosts Bond Bets That Fed Will Cut Less Than Global Peers
– Bloomberg
If Biden Could End Oil, Negative Effect Would Be Nuclear – Issues & Insights
Nuclear Power Is the Answer – Byron Donalds & Bret Kugelmass
Tesla to scout sites in India for $2bn-$3bn EV plant – Financial Times
Tesla tumbles toward make-or-break level in latest wipeout – Bloomberg
Tesla Shares Tumble Toward Make-or-Break Level in Latest Wipeout
– Bloomberg
Oil Climbs Toward $90 as OPEC+ Sticks With Cuts and US Data Due
– Bloomberg
America’s Fiscal Collapse Accelerates – Peter St. Onge
Theory And Curve Fitting – Frank Shostak
Turkey Inflation Nears 70% in March Despite Rate Hikes
– Bloomberg
Yuan Sinks Toward Limit of Allowed Range, Risking PBOC Pushback
– Bloomberg
China’s Overcapacity Is More About Solar and Batteries Than EVs
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

The Hidden Flaws In The Economy – Gary Shilling
Gold vs. Bitcoin: The Winner Is… – Nick Giambruno
Bitcoin vs. Gold: The Debate Continues – Douglas French
The Soft Landing Farce as Stocks Rip – Matthew Piepenburg
We Need to Talk About the Bond Market Immediately – Jeff Snider
Perspectivas trimestrales de Asia: estables mientras crecen – Lei Zhou
I personally think there should be no Fed rate cuts this year – Steve Eisman
Is U.S. Debt Problem Imploding? ‘Fiscal Spiral’, 2024’s Best Assets – Lyn Alden
Estamos en el tercer periodo “secular” alcista de las bolsas – Víctor Alvargonzález