Lunes, 13 de mayo de 2024

Economía Intermacional

Argentina: Milei bajaría la inflación mensual a 4% este año – El Economista
Argentina: La inflación de abril fue entre 9 y 10% – Juan Carlos de Pablo
¿Puede salir Argentina del estancamiento? – Claudio Zuchovicki
Argentina: Será difícil salir del cepo cambiario – Roberto Cachanosky
Argentina: FMI aprobó revisión técnica y se abre nuevo desembolso – Infobae
China cooperará con Bolivia en investigación del litio – El Diario
Bolivia: 54% de aportes de jubilación está invertido en la banca – La Razón
Inflation report takes center stage this week – Yahoo Finance
Stock Futures Edge Higher Ahead of US Price Data – Bloomberg
Wall St opens higher as investors await inflation data – Reuters
GameStop Surges Following the Return of ‘Roaring Kitty’ – Bloomberg
Fed officials stick to higher-for-longer script as CPI looms – Yahoo Finance
Fed Chairman Powell Finds Lowering Rates Too Easy – Scott Bessent
The Fed Fears a Bond Meltdown – Daniel Lacalle
Ben Bernanke Reminds Us Why Economists Are So Dangerous – John Tamny
Biden’s coming new tariffs on China reflect ‘lessons learned’ – Yahoo Finance
Red States Aiding Citizen Saving Despite Biden Agenda – Steve Forbes
Pelosi Dismantled In Real Time In Masterclass On Populism – Zero Hedge
Climate “Reparations” Numbers Are Rigged – Paul Mueller 
Can Europe’s economy ever hope to rival the US again? – Financial Times
Socialist win in Catalonia draws line under separatist turbulence – FT
Nvidia Rivals Gold As Shield Against Inflation – Edward Harrison
Global chip showdown with China hits critical turning point – Bloomberg
China Is Facing An Epic Deflationary Crash That It Can No Longer Hide – Zero Hedge
China fires starting gun on $140bn debt sale to boost economy – Financial Times
China reduces access to live data on share trades by foreign investors – FT
China is buying gold like there’s no tomorrow, jacking up prices – The Times of India
Gold Shines Bright Again. Here’s Why the Rally Might Not Last – Barron’s
How Gold and Oil Can Easily Explain Ups & Downs of Inflation – David Ranson

Wealth Management

History Is Repeating?! – Jeff Snider
Question Time – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Octava Conferencia Anual – Cobas AM
Chinese Exceptionalism – John Mauldin
Where to Stash Your Cash – Margaret Giles
La calidad merece la espera – William Lock
La inflación estadounidense en el punto de mira – Dan Kemp
10 Lessons from Two Decades of Managing Money – Excess Returns
Unprecedented Crisis: Domino Effect Of Defaults On Horizon – Nomi Prins
A Debate on Inflation, Debt Crisis, Dedollarisation – Peter Schiff and Steve Hanke
Warren Buffett Sold Apple and Paramount. Here’s What He’s Buying Instead – The Motley Fool
Are Stocks Going to Crash? This Forecasting Tool Hasn’t Been Wrong in 65 Years – The Motley Fool