Lunes, 20 de mayo de 2024

Economía Internacional

Argentina: ¿Hay atraso cambiario? – Claudio Zuchovicki
Manzano apuesta a largo plazo por riqueza mineral de Argentina – Bloomberg
Energy Mogul Makes 100-Year Bet on Argentina’s Mineral Wealth – Bloomberg
Robert Mc Ewen, fascinado con Milei, quiere invertir en la Argentina – Forbes
Bolivia: Bloquean ruta La Paz-Oruro por escasez de dólares – ANF
Bolivia: El narco consume 35 MM/año de litros de gasolina subvencionada – LT
Bolivia: Importadores revelan que bancos restringen giros a $5.000/mes – El Deber
Chile: ¿Por qué los inmigrantes aman a Kast? – Jorge Ramírez
Chile Economy Posts Fastest Growth Since 2021 – Bloomberg
Big Wall Street bear turns bullish, hikes S&P 500 target by 20% – Bloomberg
Stocks open flat as Dow sets sights above 40,000 again – Yahoo Finance
The Money Supply Is Growing Again and the Fed Wants It that Way – Ryan McMaken
Gold Rises as the Financial Backdrop Mellows – Bloomberg
Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodities This Week – Bloomberg
Fed’s Barr: Inflation data ‘disappointing,’ more time needed – Reuters
Can Nvidia live up to the hype again? What to know this week – Yahoo Finance
Why Los Angeles Has the Most Unaffordable Housing – Susan Shelley
There Are Good Reasons Why Consumer Confidence Is Low – Mark Thornton
Florida’s 125% Surge in Property-Insurance Bills Sows Havoc – Bloomberg
Spanish Debt Hits Record €1.6 Trillion, 109% Of GDP, And Grows At 5,1% – The Corner
Spain: House sales and purchases fall 19.3% in March – The Corner
Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi killed in helicopter crash – BBC
Apple baja precios del iPhone en China ante competencia de Huawei – Bolsamanía

Wealth Management

Ch-Ch-Changes – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Is America Losing? – Egon von Greyerz
How do banks make money? – Yahoo Finance
Four Surprising Economic Charts – Ben Carlson
What to Invest in During High Inflation – Margaret Giles
Oportunidades de inversión – Jesús Dominguez de Valentum
Household Debt Delinquency Rising, But Still Low – Market Minder
Do Sector Funds Merit a Place in Investors’ Portfolios? – Christine Benz
Estados Unidos, Europa y China: qué dicen los datos macro – Andbank
May 2024 Investing Newsletter: Problems with the Bond Market – Lyn Alden
Impopular, pero hoy se consume más crudo que nunca – Jesús Sánchez León
Waiting for Value: The Art of Holding for Long-Term Returns – The Acquirer’s Multiple
Paramés coloca dos de sus fondos entre los quince mejores de bolsa global – El Economista
Meta Platforms Inc (META) DCF Valuation: Is The Stock Undervalued? – The Acquirer’s Multiple