Miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: BCB debe $us 2.856 millones a los bancos – El Deber
Bolivia: Cae demanda de préstamos de empresas en la banca: Asoban – El Deber
Milei’s Argentina is fast becoming the Texas of Latin America – Evans-Pritchard
Argentina: Las nuevas medidas impositivas que anunció Jorge Macri – iProfesional
El BCRA estrena su primera API en busca de inclusión y transparencia – iProUp
Chile’s Inflation Accelerates, Stoking Caution on Rate Cuts – Bloomberg
Uruguay, líder latinoamericano en teletrabajo – Giuliana Corbo
Colombia: Petro da nuevos detalles sobre la nueva reforma tributaria – Valora
Brazil Is Set to Slow Pace of Rate Cuts After Changing Guidance – Bloomberg
Stock buybacks are booming – Yahoo Finance
US stocks fall; corporate earnings in focus ahead of more Fedspeak – Investing
S&P 500 Runs Into Roadblock After Winning Streak – Bloomberg
US Futures Mixed As European Stocks Hit All Time High, Yields And Dollar Rise – ZH
The Recession Is Already Here – Danielle DiMartino Booth
Los impuestos en la era Biden – Martín Litwak
Bad Vibes In Good Economy. What Does It Mean For Election? – Mark Sheppard
You Heard It Here First: Biden Has Dumped “Bidenomics” – Issues & Insights
Apple’s Big Business: Mises is Right, Sen Warren is Wrong – Kimberlee Josephson
Hülsmann’s Groundbreaking Abundance, Generosity, and the State – Jeffery L. Degner
Oil Drops With Bearish US Stockpiles Compounding Weaker Outlook – Bloomberg
No reason to cut rates too fast, ECB’s Holzmann tells Handelsblatt – Reuters
ECB’s Holzmann Says Fed Is Gorilla in Room Thanks to Dollar – Bloomberg
Italia crea Zona Económica Especial: ventajas fiscales y regulatorias – Libre Mercado
Tencent, Alibaba Earnings Are Key to Longer China Stock Rally – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

The Impact of Debt – Howard Marks
Cómo invertir en oro – Valerio Baselli
Small Cap Stocks Do Not Matter – J.C. Parets
Entrevista Tomás Pintó – mayo 2024 – Bestinver
¿Por qué no invierto en bitcoin? – Juan Gómez Bada
Is It Actually Time To Get Bullish On China? – Matt Phillips
The Forecasting Record of The Fed & The Market – Torsten Sløk
How Much Gold Does China Hold? Doesn’t Matter – Market Minder
Escape the WEF: “There Will Be Nowhere to Go” – Andrew Henderson
In a Presidential Election Year, Stock Pullbacks Normal – Stephen McBride
Biggest Headlines That Shook Markets In April And What’s Next – David Lin
Valuable Insights on Investing in Gold, Silver & Bitcoin – Adam Rozencwajg
¿Se despeja el horizonte para los activos privados en 2024? – Lombard Odier
Bienvenido Míster Puig, su ejemplo ilumina España – Guillermo Santos Aramburo