Jueves, 20 de junio de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: ¿El BCB aún vende dólares? – ANF
Bolivianos sienten falta de dólares y realizan “contrabando hormiga” de alimentos – EFE
Bolivia: Dólar cotiza en Bs. 9 en el mercado paralelo en Sucre – Correo del Sur
Bolivia: Turba intenta tomar Aduana para recuperar mercadería de contrabando – LT
Venezuela opposition leader says only huge fraud can stop victory – FT
S&P 500, Nasdaq rise as Nvidia’s roll continues – Yahoo Finance
Nvidia’s surge reveals a pitfall of passive investing – Yahoo Finance
As Nvidia, Apple Grab Headlines, This Mag 7 Lays Down AI ‘Bedrock’ – IBD
Weekly jobless claims pull back from 10-month high – Reuters
IMF chief says Europe looks like ‘an ideas supermarket’ for the U.S. – CNCB
Why the Fed might need to ‘get on with it’ and cut rates – Yahoo Finance
US to redirect Patriot air defence orders to Ukraine – Financial Times
Bank of England holds rates at 5.25% in ‘finely balanced’ decision – FT
BoE holds rates in ‘finely balanced’ decision; traders up bets on August cut – CNBC
Las tres armas del BCE para aplacar la crisis de Francia si sube de tono – El Economista
España, campeona europea de paro – Luis F. Quintero
España necesitará un gran ajuste fiscal a largo plazo – Europa Press
How Russia is using nuclear power to win global influence – FT
Deutsche’s private bank cuts spending on external consultants by 70% – FT

Wealth Management

Infinity or Zero – Jared Dillian
A strong economy in a fragile world – JPMorgan
La situación fiscal de Colombia se complica – J.Safra Sarasin Sustainable AM
Fed Doesn’t Have a Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Achieving a Soft Landing – DiMartino Booth