Martes, 11 de junio de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Gremialistas afirman que el dólar está a Bs 9,50 – El Deber
Bolivia: Subvención a alimentos y combustibles no frenan inflación – El Diario
Milei pitches Argentina as low-regulation AI hub – Financial Times
Argentina: Milei defiende el equilibrio fiscal; el análisis de Esteban Domecq – LN+
Argentina: Milei enfrenta horas cruciales por Ley Bases; posible nuevo gabinete – Infobae
Argentina: Acumulación de reservas se frena; escollo en próximos meses – Infobae
Argentina: Seis meses de errores no forzados y trabas de oposición – Roberto Cachanosky
Argentina eleva precios de biocombustibles para consumo interno – Reuters
Venezuea: Maduro reconocería resultados de las elecciones – Bloomberg
Chile: Banco Central bajará tasa clave de interés al 5,75% este mes – Reuters
Brazil Inflation Speeds Up and Hurts Hopes of Another Interest Rate Cut – Bloomberg
Mexico’s president-elect vows to press ahead with controversial judicial overhaul – FT
Why the stock market rally has been all about large caps – Yahoo Finance
US Fed will cut rates just once this year, say economists – Financial Times
Fed’s Higher-for-Longer Stance Hits Firms That Expected Rate Cut – Bloomberg
Pimco Warns of More US Regional Bank Failures on Property Pain – Bloomberg
What Causes Stagflation? – Frank Shostak
Government Failure in One Lesson – Michael Munger
The Woke and the Greedy – Bryan Caplan
France’s conservative leader calls for pact with far right – FT
Macron resignation rumors denied as French bonds tumble – Bloomberg
Gold is getting harder to find: World Gold Council – CNBC
Norway discovers Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth metals – CNBC
ECB Mustn’t Rush Nor Dally After Decisive Cut, Villeroy Says – Bloomberg
Chinese Stocks Slump as Economic Concerns Spoil Investor Mood – Bloomberg
Apple partners with OpenAI to roll out new artificial intelligence system – FT
Apple’s AI evolution is not quite a revolution – The Wall Street Journal

Wealth Management

¿Hacia una nueva fiebre del oro? – Nadège Dufossé
Wealth and Money Are Two Different Things – Darius Foroux
What Snap Elections in France Means for Gold – David Morrison
¿Sorpresa en materia de inflación? No, en absoluto – Robert M. Almeida
Carteras equilibradas, ¿vuelve el retorno? – Guillermo Santos Aramburo
Private equity groups poised to own one in three top US accounting firms – FT