An open letter to Dr Ron Paul about the coup that wasn’t in Bolivia

Dear Dr. Paul:

I am forced to write to you publicly because, paradoxically, your analysis and pronouncement on the events of recent weeks in Bolivia, do much damage to the cause of freedom in this country.

Apparently, you are very sure that Evo Morales won the elections in Bolivia on October 20th, and moreover, that there was a coup against him with the help of the United States through the CIA.

Clearly, you are not aware about what the Constitution of Bolivia says. This is a Constitution that Evo Morales himself ordered to write custom made and approved in a military base in 2009. It prevented him from running for a third and fourth term, and he still was president of Bolivia for the third time, and pretended to be for a fourth time.

Later, in February 2016, the people tried to prevent Morales from running for office for the fourth time, and the result was negative, but he ran for office anyway. And not happy with this, he committed the biggest and most widely demonstrated fraud not only by thousands of ballots marked in his favor in the streets and different private venues all around the country, but even by the Organization of American States that he himself called to inititate an impartial audit. The conclusion of this report said that there were irregularities not only in the final count of votes of the Supreme Electoral Court that he himself appointed, but IN THE WHOLE PROCESS. The elections were vitiated by nullity from the beginning and with all the placemes of Morales himself.

But this is not all there is to say about your assertions. You state that there is evidence that the U.S. was involved through the CIA in an alleged military coup. This is a very serious statement, and you know it as a Congressman with vast experience. Why don’t you present this evidence and also make the complaint in the corresponding instances? I urge you to do it as soon as possible.

By the way, and for your information, the Armed Forces acted according to their Organic Letter. If there had been a coup in Bolivia, the Bolivian Air Force would not have taken Morales on the comfortable presidential plane to Chimoré, where he asked, where he himself wanted after his resignation; they would had thrown the corpse into the sea like Bin Laden’s.

Moreover, the current Government constituted by Jeanine Áñez, is such lawfully, by a very respectful constitutional succession, as recognized by the same Constitutional Court that Morales himself pointed out. In fact, such Administration is recognized by the vast majority of countries and institutions that constitute the International Community, starting with the aforementioned OAS and countries such as the U.S., Canada and even Russia. Those who did not recognize him include Venezuela, Cuba and Syria.

But I am not only going to tell you why your statements do not help the cause of Liberty in my country, but also why you are so irresponsible (or accomplice) of what is going on right now.

Evo Morales has requested asylum in Mexico, but despite the fact that this condition prevents him from manifesting in any way by the 5th article of the Caracas Convention of 1954, he is sending to his armed to teeth acolytes to fence cities to cause big shortages, to attack the army shouting “we want civil war” and threatening to explode an oil plant in El Alto, La Paz, “in defense of their vote” and “against the right-wing racist coup.” I don’t have to explain to you that this is not a rebellion, but terrorism against liberty and democracy. Also, did you know that Colombian FARC are involved in all of this and not necessarily the CIA?

If you are not just deliberately lying about everything you claim in this bloody episode in my country, you are simply wrong. This is how you are contributing to this country being increasingly distant from the very much needed peace during a continuous month of very intense violence.

You should be better informed, know the Constitution of Bolivia, the Organic Letter of the Armed Forces, and apologize to the Bolivian people.

In liberty, and with disappointment,

Mauricio Ríos García, Bolivian citizen.