Viernes, 23 de julio de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Urgencias erróneas – Humberto Vacaflor
Bolivia: Tensión social puede afectar a recuperación económica – El Diario
Bolivia: Exploración de YPFB tendrá éxito con otra ley de hidrocarburos – Los Tiempos
Panorama económico mundial e impacto en Chile – Sebastián Claro
Chile emite bonos sociales por US$ 3.750M – América Economía
Colombia: BBVA Research proyecta 7,5% del PIB en 2021 – América Economía
Perú: Un fetiche constitucional – Guillermo Cabieses
Cuba, dictadura y amigos – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
Protestar en Cuba – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
Argentina: Nos gobierna la insensatez – Manuel Adorni
Eurozone business activity expands at fastest pace for 21 years – Financial Times
Delta variant is one of the most infectious respiratory diseases known – CNBC
Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccine May Offer Poor Protection for Elderly – Bloomberg
Pfizer Shot Lets Mild Cases Slip Through in Early Adopter Israel – Bloomberg
No Real Science Is Ever Settled – Joakim Book
Take Five: The great Fed conundrum – Reuters
No Matter What They Say, Future Isn’t Inflationary – Jeffrey Snider
Are We Living in an MMT World? Not Yet – Bloomberg
As the Fed Powell Continues to Flail, Could an MMT Fed Chair Be Next? – Tho Bishop
No Serious Economist Worried About Inflation? – DiMartino Booth
Will Cash Soon Be Obsolete? – William J. Luther
Digital currencies are transforming the future of money – Eswar Prasad and David Dollar
Russia raises key rate to 6.5% in sharpest move since 2014 – CNBC
China Could See Slowest Oil Import Growth In Two Decades – Tsvetana Paraskova
Dow rises more than 150 points as stocks head for a winning week – CNBC
EU rejects the UK’s attempts to overhaul the Brexit deal – CNBC
Private Profit in Public Schools: an Unquestionable Necessity – Lawrence W. Reed

Wealth Management

Inflación de EE. UU.: ¿más alta y duradera? – Jadwiga Kitovitz
The Boom in Oil Stocks Could Be Over – Avi Salzman
Where the Ultra-Rich Are Investing Their Money – Bloomberg
Bubbles Everywhere: Jeremy Grantham On The Bust Ahead – Chris Taylor
Palantir’s Latest Move Looks Bullish As Hell – Seeking Alpha
The Pitch: 6 Hedgeye Analysts. 6 Stock Ideas. 60 Minutes – Hedgeye
U.S. headed towards ‘bankruptcy’; Gold will protect you – Yaron Brook
Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Rate to Test World’s Highest – Andrew Henderson
Stockman Warns ‘Reset’ Means “A Crash Of Epic Proportions: Hold Gold As Insurance“ – Zero Hedge