Lunes, 2 de agosto de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: No hay gas. Otra larga y triste historia – Cabildeo Digital
Bolivia: Plan de exploración de YPFB requiere nueva ley de hidrocarburos – Los Tiempos
Bolivia: Plan exploratorio de YPFB abre vía para modificar norma del sector – El Deber
Perú avanzó así bajo el capitalismo que Castillo quiere enterrar – Libre Mercado
Perú: Bonos caen nuevamente tras nombramiento de Pedro Francke – América Economía
Peru’s Finance Minister Wants to Retain Central Bank Chief – Bloomberg
Ecuador Defaulted Last Year. Now Its Bonds Are the World’s Best – Bloomberg
Argentina: El shock de confianza que nos sacará del pozo – Martín Krause
Cuban Farm Fantasies and Failures – Robert Paarlberg
España registra el mayor repunte de deuda pública de los gigantes europeos – El Economista
Spain has a two-speed economy with high unemployment – The Economist
Health experts fear unlocked England could become an incubator for new Covid variants – CNBC
Why Did They Do This To Us? On Lockdowns – Jeffrey Tucker
Moderna, Pfizer Hike Vaccine Prices By Up To 25% – Zero Hedge
Kashkari: Delta variant concern could slow economic recovery – Fox Business
Don’t Worry, Fed Can’t Do What Its Critics/Supporters Think – John Tamny
Dollar’s Purchasing Power Gets Zapped. It’s Permanent – Wolf Richter
Interest Rates Haven’t Been This Low In 5,000 Years – Steve Goldstein
Is the Drop In Treasury Yields Cause for Concern? – Vivekanand Jayakumar
Robinhood Has the Worst Debut Ever for IPO of Its Size – Yahoo Finance
Bringing Money Under the Rule of Law – Ethan Yang
Policy Errors Have Consequences – John Mauldin
Good Economic Theory Is Always Grounded in the Real World – Frank Shostak
Bitcoin Is Partying Like It Is 2013 – Ariel Santos-Alborna
Apple Sells $6.5 Billion of Notes, Taking Advantage of Low Interest Rates – Barron’s
Goldman Sachs boosts junior pay after burnout complaints – Financial Times
HSBC profits surge to $5.1bn as global economic gloom lifts – Financial Times
We Are Now Headed For A Catastrophic Global Crack-Up Boom – Egon von Greyerz
Gerald Celente: Broadcast Interview – King World News
Alasdair Macleod: Broadcast Interview – King World News

Wealth Management

Disfrutando de las vistas en el descenso – Charles Castillo
El ETF que apuesta contra Cathie Wood, la gurú de la tecnología – El Economista
La burbuja china amenaza la economía mundial – Álex Extebaranz
Ray Dalio says China should remain a part of portfolios: At the Open – Seeking Alpha
Why Delta, Breakthrough Cases Don’t Bother the Market – Al Root, Barron’s
Weekly Market Pulse: Trading Places –  Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Your Retirement Money May Not Be What You Think – Russ Wiles
The Ultimate Plan B for Residence and Citizenship – Andrew Henderson
Pershing expands LatAm reach with Argentina shop deal – CityWire
It Could All End at Any Moment – Jared Dillian