Jueves, 13 de enero de 2022

Economía Internacional

Cepal: América Latina desacelerará al 2,1% en 2022 – El Deber
Nuevos riesgos por la recuperación en W – Mauricio Ríos García
Chile y la encrucijada del litio – América Economía
Bolivia: Cepal baja previsión del PIB a 3,2% – Página Siete
Argentina: Idas y vueltas con el FMI, interna, enojo con Guzmán – M. Montenegro
Omicron cases could fall as quickly as they rose in the US – Business Insider
Is Anyone Going to Accept Responsibility for Lockdown Tragedy? – Joakim Book
Forging Revolutions From Anthills: On the Passing of E.O. Wilson – Guy Sorman
Boris Johnson’s leadership on a knife-edge – CNBC
For Macron and France, It’s the Economy, Stupide – Bloomberg
BCE: “Quizá la alta inflación no sea tan transitoria” – El Economista
U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose to Highest Since Mid-November – Blomberg
Real Wages Plummet as Inflation Hits the US Recovery – Daniel Lacalle
Price Inflation Is at the Highest Level since 1982. Now What? – Ryan McMaken
Does Monetary Policy Matter? – Thomas L. Hogan 
Fed official open to more than three US rate rises this year – Financial Times
Mark Mills’s Brilliant ‘The Cloud Revolution’ – John Tamny
ARK’s Cathie Wood Predicts a Used-Car Bloodbath – Barron’s
Futures gain after producer prices data eases rate hike fears – Investing
Inflation will not normalize soon so seek stocks with ‘pricing power’ – CNBC
Inflation is now at 7%, the highest in 40 years, and will stay until 2024 – Steve Hanke

Wealth Management

I Don’t Know – Jared Dillian
Lessons From the Tech Bubble – Michael Batnick
In Praise of The Quality Factor – Derek Horstmeyer
The Best Companies to Own: 2022 Edition – Margaret Giles
The SEC’s Concern About Unicorns Misses the Point – Jared Dillian
¿Qué es mejor, un fondo mixto o uno de renta variable? – Juan Gómez Bada
What Bond Investors Should Do in the Wake of a Steep Selloff – Lauren Foster
Cuatro opciones para conseguir rentas con los tipos al 0% – Pictet Wealth Management