Lunes, 11 de abril de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brasil: Datos de inflación sorprenden al Banco Central – Bloomberg
Brasil: Jefe del banco central analiza sorpresiva alza de la inflación – Reuters
Brazil Central Bank Head Says Was Surprised by Inflation Data – Bloomberg
Peru: Castillo’s Approval Ratings Plunge After Inflation Riots – Bloomberg
Chile: Aprobación de Boric cae 21 puntos en primer mes de Gobierno – Bloomberg
México: AMLO admite que tuvo menos votos que en 2018 – El Financiero
Argentina: Javier Milei’s Unexpected Rise – Nick Burns
Covidians and the Coin Shortage – Jeffrey Tucker
No, Hitler Was Not a Closet Capitalist – Rainer Zitelmann
Stocks drop as traders await inflation, earnings data – Yahoo Finance
Suddenly everyone is obsessed about a recession – Yahoo Finance
Stocks, Treasuries Fall as Rate Hikes in Focus – Bloomberg
Fed to raise rates aggressively in coming months – Reuters
It’s Clear That the Fed Has Made a Huge Monetary-Policy Error – Cullen Roche
Is Larry Summers Right About Inflation and Biden? – John Cassidy
Are We Witnessing the Early Beginnings of De-Dollarization? – Akhil Ramesh
If Bitcoin price drops below this level, I would be concerned – Kevin O’Leary
The Financial Doomsday Clock Is Close To Midnight – Matthew Piepenburg
A Note on Russian “Gold Standard” – Peter Earle
Rusia suspende venta de deuda, demandará si se declara default – Bloomberg
Russian Railways es declarada en default por no pago de bonos – Bloomberg
Sanctions against Russia Could Usher in a Wider Economic War – Mihai Macovei
Russia Added Yuan, Euro to Reserves Before War, Cut Dollar Share – Bloomberg
Ukraine Seeks Russia Assets, Oil Fleet Seizure as Reparations – Bloomberg
Ukraine economy to shrink 45% – Yoel Minkoff, Seeking Alpha
Jim Jordan Suggests Hunter Biden Indictment Could Be Coming – Zero Hedge
Crudo deja los $100 por liberación de reservas y confinamiento en China – Reuters
There Are Deadly Qualities to Biden’s Thinking on NRG – Steve Forbes
Musk’s Odd Twitter Investment: Happy Rejection of Victimhood – John Tamny
The Chinese companies trying to buy strategic islands – Financial Times
Israel’s First Rate Hike Since 2018 Is Bigger Than Forecast – Bloomberg
ECB Discord on War Impact Masks Consensus on Need for Hikes – Bloomberg
OCDE: La guerra ya está cortando el impulso económico de Europa – El Economista
German Yields Climb to Highest Since 2015 Amid Hawkish ECB Bets – Bloomberg
First round of 2022 French election in charts – Financial Times
Antifa Riots In French Cities Because They Didn’t Like The Election Result – Paul Joseph Watson
Macron and Le Pen begin final sprint in French election run-off – Financial Times
Los programas económicos de Macron y Le Pen – Jesús Esteban
Over Half Of France Just Voted For Extreme Alternatives To The Status Quo – Rabobank

Wealth Management

The Retention of Wealth – Jeff Thomas
Don’t Bet Against a Bubble? – Paul McCaffrey
An Opportunity For Cash Holders – David Hay
Better Measures Of The Yield Curve – Scott Grannis
There’s a Bull Market in Macro Doom – Jared Dillian
Repasando la Cartera con Xavier Brun 2022 – Value Investing FM
Weekly Market Pulse: What Yield Curve Inversion – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Caídas del mercado en un contexto de subida de los tipos – Charles Catillo
Always Buy High Uncertainty. Market Certainty Is Very Expensive – Ken Fisher
Crisis in Confidence and Fear of Recession, ‘That’s What My Portfolio Reflects’ – Rick Rule
Dan Mitchell: “Aplaudo a quienes se organizan para pagar menos impuestos” – Diego Sánchez de la Cruz
El value de calidad en Europa: cambio de rumbo en el nuevo ciclo de inversión – Janus Henderson Investors