Viernes, 1 de abril de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Política errónea – Humberto Vacaflor
Bolivia: Cainco le dice al gobierno que su modelo ya es del pasado – El Deber
Chile: La Constitución histórica – René Tapia
Chile creció 6,8% en febrero, por debajo de las expectativas – Bloomberg
Argentina: Guzmán, entre los especuladores y la presión de Cristina – Maxi Montenegro
Brasil: Crecimiento industrial supera expectativas tras retroceso de ómicron – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Crecer más del 2,8% previsto para este año: ¿qué se necesita? – Bloomberg
España sufre una inflación más alta que los grandes países de Europa – EL Economista
Let’s Please Not Overreact to the New Omicron Strain – Harry Rakowski
Fauci Flashback: “The Most Potent Vaccination Is Getting Infected Yourself” – Zero Hedge
If Ukraine Joins the EU, It Will Be the Poorest Member by Far – Ryan McMaken
The Fed Cannot Undo the Damage It Has Already Caused – Frak Shostak
Has the Fed Abandoned Its Average Inflation Target? – William J. Luther
Fed’s Evans Favors Quarter-Point Rate Hikes at Each 2022 Meeting – Bloomberg
U.S. economy added 431,000 jobs in March despite worries over slowing economy – CNBC
Treasury Yields Jump as Jobs Data Fuels Bets on Bigger Fed Move – Bloomberg
There are signs a recession could be on the way: how to protect your savings – CNBC
Why A Freight Recession Is Imminent – Craig Fuller
Biden raids US oil reserve after failing to bring Gulf partners on side – Financial Times
Biden Is Blowing the Chance to Cure Our Oil Addiction – James Surowiecki
If Joe Biden Wants to Solve Oil Problem, Stop Channeling AOC – Harry Kazianis
President Biden’s Wealth Tax Goes From Bad to Worse – Allison Schrager
Euro zone inflation hits another record high of 7.5% – CNBC
Eurozone Inflation Exposes European Central Bank Lies – Peter Schiff
Why Economic Freedom Is the Essential Way Forward – Samuel Gregg
Where Do Free-Market Libertarians Fit In Left/Right Spectrum? – Walter Block
There Are No “Petrodollars,” Plus the Focus Misses the Point – Jeffrey Snider
Sanctions Spur a Massive Decline in Western Hegemony: the World De-Dollarizes – Matthew Piepenburg
The Coming Bond Bear Market… And What Comes Next – David Stockman
China Growth Outlook Worsens as Manufacturing, Home Sales Slump – Bloomberg
China ADRs Surge As Beijing Considers Giving US Access To Audits – Zero Hedge

Wealth Management

Time Takes Time – Jared Dillian
La confianza, el factor alfa de las empresas familiares – Gianfranco Iafigliola
Fragmentación de los mercados emergentes ante la guerra – Funds Society
Commodity Prices Benefit From Weakening Link To U.S. Dollar – Andy Hecht 
It’s ‘way harder’ for today’s young people ‘to get rich and stay rich’ – Charlie Munger
Why some of the most feared activist investors are no longer so hostile – Financial Times