Miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2022

Economía Internacional

OCDE insta a más transparencia fiscal en América Latina – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Estado incumple compromisos para reducir mercurio – Los Tiempos
Venezuela: Caen compras con dólares tras impuesto 3% – Bloomberg
Colombia: Salario mínimo diferenciado – Juan David García Vidal
Colombia: El discurso de los candidatos e ideas económicas – La República
Chile ajusta sus proyecciones: PIB crecerá 1,5% en 2022 – Bloomberg
Lula Says Zelensky, Biden Share Blame for Putin’s War on Ukraine – Bloomberg
Biden Administration Sees Free Speech As a Public Menace – Reason
Why Social Issues Dominate – Jeff Deist
Stocks drift as traders brace for Fed decision – Yahoo Finance
Stocks Mixed With 10-Year U.S. Yield Back to 3% – Bloomberg
Inversores mantienen calma en cuenta regresiva de la Fed – Reuters
Jamie Dimon: La Fed debería haber subido las tasas antes – Bloomberg
The Fed will do something it has not done in two decades – Yahoo Finance
Fed expected to raise rates by 50 basis points – Yahoo Finance
Fed Watch: First half-point hike in 22 years priced in – Seeking Alpha
6 Gauges That Show How Much the Fed Will Raise Rates – Barron’s
Supply vs. Demand Is the Most Oversold Notion In Economics – John Tamny
Stagflation ETF Launches as Fed Attempts to Tame Sky-High Prices – Bloomberg
“Let Us Not Mistake Words for Things” – Donald Boudreaux
Hungary holds up EU plan to ban imports of Russian oil – Financial Times
China’s independent refiners start buying Russian oil at steep discounts – FT
EU Targets Russia’s Global Oil Trade With Shipping Sanctions – Bloomberg
Why Surging Natural-Gas Prices Haven’t Sparked a Drilling Boom – WSJ
Crudo sube un 4% mientras la UE propone prohibir el petróleo ruso – Reuters
‘Risky’ fourth straight rate hike expected from BoE as inflation soars – CNBC
Investors Are So Bearish on Stocks That the Market Looks Bullish – Bloomberg
Most people are bearish because they have forgotten the 1970s – Niall Ferguson
The Fed Gets It Wrong on Money Velocity, Too – Antony P. Mueller
Now is a good time to buy this inflation-indexed savings bond – TWP
Paul Tudor Jones: No es momento de tener bonos o acciones – EI
Técnicas Reunidas construirá planta en Bélgica y se dispara en bolsa – EFE
Técnicas Reunidas construirá una de las mayores plantas de etileno del mundo – Cinco Días

Wealth Management

Too Many Bears – Barry Ritholtz
El cobre, explicado – Rohan Reddy
Paramés se marcha de Metrovacesa – El Economista
La manzana de Warren Buffett – Víctor Alvargonzález
An Open Letter To McDonald’s Shareholders – Carl Icahn
Investors Very Committed to Very Few Stocks – Bill Smead
Time to Invest in My Two Favorite Bull Markets – Kim Iskyan
Raoul Pal’s Masterclass on Recession & Inflation – Real Vision
The Best Way to Manage Inflation’s Effect on YOU – Jared Dillian
Some Surprising Tips for Constructing Your Will – Paul Katzeff
El asesor financiero, gestor de emociones – Banco Mediolanum
Top 10 ETFs europeos más visitados en abril 2022 – Fernando Luque
Evaluating the Current Arguments in the Value vs. Growth Debate – Jack Forehand