Jueves, 16 de junio de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Cámara Baja aprueba cambios a 2 leyes impositivas – Página Siete
El Salvador: Valor de bitcoin cae a la mitad, cerca de $51 MM – América Economía
Colombia: Un tribunal de Bogotá obliga a Petro y Hernández a debatir – LGI
Colombia: Sofía Petro advierte ‘estallidos sociales’ si su padre no gana – Pérez Osuna
Colombia tiene el combustible entre los más baratos de la región – Bloomberg
Perú: Cómo lidiar con la crisis alimentaria – Iván Alonso
Argentina: La inflación es por el “financiamiento monetario del déficit” – OCDE
Venezuela’s economy: Rising from the ashes? – FocusEconomics
How food inflation is swallowing Latin America’s dietary staples – Financial Times
Stocks slide amid renewed recession concerns – Yahoo Finance
Fed forecast challenges pledge on unemployment – Yahoo Finance
Inflation is here to stay: Suze Orman – Yahoo Finance Video
Fed’s full-tilt inflation fight makes a ‘softish’ landing harder to achieve – FT
Brief History of Hard & Soft Landings Care of Federal Reserve – Alan Reynolds
Biden’s Denials On Economy Assure Us More Pain In Future – New York Post
US Recession Odds Hit 72%, Threatening Biden Presidency – Bloomberg
With Recession Now Guaranteed, “One-Term” White House Begins To Panic – ZH
Oil Slides With Fed’s Hiking Path Souring Financial Markets – Bloomberg
Gold’s Floor Price Is Getting Higher, Top Producer Newmont Says – Bloomberg
Bond Market Losses Just Beginning as Fed Sets Path to 4% Yields – Bloomberg
Germans told to conserve energy as Russia cuts gas flows to Europe – Financial Times
Alemania reclama una acción decidida en la UE para bajar la inflación – LGI
Banco Nacional Suizo sorprende con primer alza en 15 años – Bloomberg
Swiss move triggers biggest jump in German bond yields in a decade – Reuters
EU ‘Fragmentation’ Eases As Details Of ECB Bailout Plan Leak – Zero Hedge
Bank of England hikes rates for the fifth time in a row as inflation soars – CNBC
‘The economy is going to collapse,’ says Wall Street veteran Novogratz – MarketWatch
Celsius Is Crashing, and Crypto Investors Are Spooked – The Wall Street Journal

Wealth Management

El verdadero problema de la inflación – Amy C. Arnott
The Only Guy Making Money Is Jimmy Buffett – Jared Dillian
Five Things to Remember During Bear Markets – Jack Forehand
The Rate Hike Seems Unlikely to Drive Recession – Market Minder
Questions: Recessions & Bears, Crypto & Crashes – Barry Ritholtz
Why Goldilocks Stocks Will Be Defining Buys of the 2020s – Justin Spittler
Will This Be The Last Move In The Fed’s Inflation Fight? – Michael Maharrey
If the Fed Rate Hikes Have You Worried, You’re Just Not Serious – John Tamny
Subidas de tipos y de materias primas: los datos por países en Latinoamérica – Funds Society